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Anxiety No More Hypnosis Download Review:

Overcome Anxiety Hypnosis Download


Brilliant, the whole package from the introduction to the two complimentary hypnosis tracks. I have been using them both, one in the morning and one in the evening to support me. I have yet to complete reading the written guide but what I have read so far has been very helpful. I would recommend this package to anyone who needs support to overcome their anxiety.


May 8, 2024
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In this hypnotherapy review video, Fiona describes how my hypnosis downloads have helped support her mental health:



March 12, 2024
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Review from Google:

Pressure and anxiety hypnotherapy


After hours, days, weeks of searching, I found Dans website.

I wasn’t entirely sure on what I needed so dropped him a message.

After a few messages back and forwards I had my audio track downloaded and got to work…

It helped so much with my situation that when I needed something for anxiety and pressure i knew where to turn.

I feel a greater sense of belief in my own ability and a lot more confidence in my execution

If your having any doubts, give Dan a try.


Leslie Peacock
February 12, 2024
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Anxiety No More Hypnosis Download Review:

claustrophobia anxiety hypnosis download review


Absolutely amazing! Was stuck on a plane on the runway for 90 mins before takeoff and my claustrophobia was taking over. Listening to Dan’s voice and the soothing music calmed me so much I was actually able to sleep. Can’t recommend enough


Susan Hunt
November 10, 2023
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Anxiety No More Hypnosis Download Review:

Anxiety hypnosis download review

Great toolkit


Verified Buyer
November 9, 2023
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Review from Trustpilot:

Creating Calm Hypnosis Download review - Dan Regan Hypnotherapy


Almost daily I had been listening to the free hypnosis download on Dan’s website. I started playing this at bedtime during lockdown.

I was curious to see if it helped me get to sleep quicker, I have restless leg syndrome which often left me fidgety and unsettled in the evenings, along with my racing mind I was finding it hard to switch off and get to sleep.

I can honestly say , I have rarely made it to the end of the audio as 9/10 I am asleep before it finishes , it only lasts around 17 minutes, so i must be drifting off super quickly!

I had listened to it so often I found myself saying the words before Dan did , I knew it almost word for word so I thought I would try one of the other audios.

I viewed the website and decided to go with the creating calm audio. It’s very similar in content and again it’s working it’s magic as I haven’t yet made it to the end! It relaxes me so much and I drift off into a deep sleep in no time.
My eleven year old often listens to it too and it helps her also.

If you haven’t tried Dan’s audios I highly recommend you do, for just £3.99 this was definitely money well spent!

July 13, 2023
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Your Best Possible Self Hypnosis Download Review:

Your best possible self hypnosis download review


I particularly like this record because it is more time efficient than most of the other records of the same purpose. Most records are over over 40 mins, which I do not have time to daily regularly use.


June 17, 2023
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Loving Kindness For Yourself Hypnosis Download Review:

Loving kindness for yourself hypnosis download review

Works every time! Love the feeling of total relaxation and takes my mind off everything else.


February 26, 2023
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Anxiety Hypnosis Download Review:

Anxiety Hypnosis Download Review

Excellent and really relaxing

February 8, 2023
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Anxiety No More Hypnosis Download Review:

Anxiety No More Hypnosis Download Review


Ideal to relax and drift away while listening to this


Brandon Forster
February 8, 2023
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