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Fear of Heights Hypnotherapy


For most of my life I have had a great fear of heights. I want to visit Darjeeling, India. It is high in the Himalayas. Dan has helped me face my problem to enable me to go. I already feel more confident about going to the mountains and high buildings. I have also gained confidence in difficult driving situations.
I am truly grateful to Dan and recommend him to anyone with anxiety problems.


Sylvia Farmer
July 1, 2024
Category -Phobias & Fears

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Stopped Being A Smoker - Hypnotherapy in Newmarket


Not sure there’s any better testimonial than to say it’s now over 10 years since I stopped being a smoker and all down to Dan!! Thank you so much.


Debi Bond
June 26, 2024
Category -Stop Smoking

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Struggling With Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely Review


I have had a fantastic experience working with Dan. After being recommended to me by a family member I went to see Dan, after the free consultation I signed up for 6 sessions and looked forward to each one more than the last. The strategies he showed me have become part of my daily routine and I would highly recommend Dan to anyone struggling with Anxiety and other issues.


Megan Russell
June 20, 2024
Category -Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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Presentation Anxiety Hypnotherapy


I had the pleasure of working with Dan to address my anxiety related to presenting at conferences. He is incredibly personable and immediately puts you at ease with his warm demeanour and professional approach.

From our first session, it was clear that he genuinely cares about his clients’ well-being. His techniques were not only therapeutic but also tailored specifically to my needs. Through his guidance, I learned how to manage my anxiety effectively and gained a newfound confidence in my presentation skills.


David Sanders
June 17, 2024
Category -Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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Manage unhelpful thoughts hypnotherapy in Ely


Dan has been a huge help with my mental health. He taught me helpful management techniques and made me be able to recognise and manage unhelpful thoughts.
I strongly recommend Dan to anyone struggling with mental health, his sessions and coaching will change your life in a positive way just like it did mine.


Ana Brannan
June 8, 2024
Category -General

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Trauma Hypnotherapy in Ely


Dan has been helping me with anxiety and dealing with personal issues and past trauma in a more productive way. Dan is very professional and supportive. Was very easy and comfortable to talk openly to Dan. Highly recommended. Great hypnotist. Thank you Dan for all your help. Ann-marie Rayner

Ann-Marie Rayner
June 5, 2024
Category -Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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Severe Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely


Highly recommend Dan he has helped me massively. I was struggling for months with server anxiety and tried so many different ways to help it but nothing worked and as soon as I started sessions with Dan I noticed a difference straight away and now have almost completely got rid of my anxiety.
Dan made me feel very comfortable and relaxed through all my sessions and has completely changed my mind set.
I feel like I have got my life back on track.


Louise Tottie
May 27, 2024
Category -Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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Hypnotherapy for Surgery Anxiety


I went to see Dan as I was suffering with extreme anxiety about an upcoming surgery. He was kind enough to fit me in for 2 sessions beforehand. I can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done. The day of the surgery I felt a calm come over me. I do not think I would have been able to get through this without Dan’s help. I would highly recommend Dan.


Linda Coomber
May 20, 2024
Category -Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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Anxiety Hypnosis in Ely


I went to see Dan regarding my anxiety which had become so bad that I resigned from my career of 24 years. My confidence was at rock bottom and I couldn’t see me ever working again.

It took me a while to contact Dan as I was scared that he wouldn’t be able to help me and I didn’t feel strong enough to cope with another failure. However I did download his free hypnosis recording which I listened to many times and this gave me the confidence to contact him.

At the introductory meeting (free of charge) I told Dan about my issues and worries and how they were affecting my daily life, during the meeting he was kind and attentive which enabled me to be open and honest with him.

Since working with Dan I can honestly say my anxiety has greatly reduced, so much so I have applied for a job, I genuinely didn’t think I would ever feel confident to do this.

Dan gave me strategies to use between sessions which have proved invaluable and easy to incorporate into my daily life. I am sleeping better and I am dealing with my longstanding worries in a far more realistic and proportionate way.

I can’t recommend Dan highly enough.


Carole Lomas
May 17, 2024
Category -Anxiety & Panic Attacks

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Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in Ely


Dan has been a huge help to me, I would recommend him to anyone needing help or support.
Dan is very professional and makes you feel very comfortable. Thank you!


Maddy Parr
May 16, 2024
Category -General

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