The Hypno-Band Weight Loss System

Take Control of Your Weight Loss Success

The Hypno Band Weight Loss System is designed to give you all the results of gastric band surgery – without the risk and cost of actual surgery.

As a licensed Hypno-Band Practitioner, I can help you achieve your weight loss goals and enjoy how good it feels to be a thinner, healthier, happier you.


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Who is the Hypno Band Designed For?

The Hypno Band Weight Loss Solution is designed to enable weight loss in those with a high Body Mass Index (BMI).

After the programme, your unconscious mind will act as if you have had a real gastric band fitted – which means you will eat smaller amounts, feel fuller sooner and start losing weight.

And that means a thinner, healthier, happier you!


The Weight Loss System

The Hypno-Band weight loss system includes a series of sessions which tackle the issues that you have had around weight loss – whether it’s emotional eating, bad habits or another reason that has stopped you being your target weight. Dealing with these underlying aspects is a key reason why you will be able to lose weight and maintain it year after year. You will also have a number of sessions focused on your virtual gastric band being successfully put in place.

This comprehensive weight loss system includes five sessions, as well as hypnosis recordings you can listen to at home to keep your mind firmly focused on your healthy weight loss. And your investment in your weight loss is just £480 – that includes all five sessions, full support and guidance from a qualified hypnotherapist and coach and all your supporting hypnosis recordings.

And I’d like to invite you to come and meet me for a free consultation before you make any decision to go ahead.

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Choosing the Right Weight Loss System for You

I’d like you to come and meet me for a free initial consultation to help decide if the Hypno Band is the right approach for your weight loss.

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