Weight Loss Motivation – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Weight Loss

Weight Loss Motivation Hypnotherapy in Ely


Weight Loss Motivation – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

A lot of people struggle to believe me when I tell them that when I was younger I was very overweight and hated all exercise with a passion. Up until my mid-teens, I considered P.E. to be a form of mental and physical suffering and unpleasantness. And my unhealthy snacking meant I was probably the biggest kid in a school of about a thousand students. I had no interest in sport or being active, I was eating too much rubbish and I was often the brunt of fat jokes, jibes and insults. I probably wasn’t too happy with how I looked and felt but I could go home and forget about it because we didn’t have social media or messaging.

At some point in my mid teens (or thereabouts) I started doing something about it, but mainly just because my mates all played football after school and I didn’t want to be left out. I can also vividly remember at some point being so depressed about my weight that I would bike ten miles on an exercise bike at home most evenings. Then I ditched most of the rubbish and started enjoying football with mates and a little bit of running. For someone with anxiety and low self-esteem, i found that eating a bit healthier and exercising made me feel better in myself. I’ve written elsewhere on my website about the science and evidence for running and exercise benefiting your physical and mental health.

After getting a bit fitter and healthier, running became something enjoyable that I actually wanted to do, a mindset that still continues.

I work with a lot of people seeking help with their weight loss motivation and consistency with exercise. At the heart of all eating is learning how to be in control over your eating habits, rather than food running (and ruining) your life. You increase your weight loss motivation, take control over eating habits and then, feeling healthier and happier, you can continue to tweak and nudge things forward. When you have a healthier relationship with food, everything gets easier.

And sometimes people want help with exercise motivation. Maybe they’ve not done any exercising for years, or they’ve lost their motivation for it and want to enjoy being active again. And that comes from building a little bit of motivation and perseverance and then positive habits set in.

If you are desperately seeking some weight loss motivation then hypnotherapy can certainly help you with your thoughts, feelings, habits and behaviours around food and eating.


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Weight Loss Motivation

If you want to lose weight then two of the key things you need to start doing habitually are eating slowly and being mindful when you eat. Rather than eating quickly and without paying attention, you can start to think about what you are doing, and you get to enjoy your food more (while eating the right amount). And then you can build upon this using your mindset and various psychological strategies and approaches.

If you could use more motivation then one thing I often suggest that you do is to write down your reasons and motivations towards wanting to be slimmer, healthier and happier. All too often these reasons only come to the front of your awareness either when you aren’t eating or after eating too much or something unhealthy. Then, when the time comes to decide what to eat those unhelpful habits kick back in and you can easily eat too much or too much rubbish. You then feel bad because you know you aren’t happy with your weight and that you are sabotaging your own health, happiness and success.

So whether you want to be healthier, look good and feel good, get fitter, wear certain clothes, be happier in yourself or some other reason, you need to have these written down and easily accessible for you. Then, whenever you about to make a decision about what to eat, when to eat or how much to eat, quickly review those reasons and let what you really want inform what you do next. Make it a real decision and choice before you eat. You want your motivations to be at the front of your awareness before you start eating, rather than things that come to mind after you’ve eaten too much or things that aren’t that great for you (and then you feel bad about it).

Recently I was talking with a client about motivation where you move towards what you want as opposed to goals where you move away from what you don’t want. So for example with weight loss, you may want to achieve a certain size, shape and weight as opposed to being fat and unhealthy. And realistically, your motivations and want you want or don’t want are likely to be a combination of the two.

And as it’s nearly Christmas as I write this then you can draw upon Scrooge and a Christmas Carol to support your weight loss motivation. As well as writing down your motivations, you can start to jot down what will happen for your health and weight if you carry on doing things in the same old way that you’ve been doing then up until now. If you keep overeating, eating rubbish and doing the same old eating habits, what is going to happen in to the future? How will your health be in a few years? What about how you look and your weight, and how you feel in yourself?

Then start to think about how things are going to unfold into the future as you make changes and do things differently around eating and your relationship with food. As you start eating healthier, eating the right amount and making healthy decisions, how will your future unfold? You’ll lose weight, feel healthier, look good and feel good and enjoy taking control over eating habits.

And so, a bit like the Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come that visited Scrooge and led him to change his ways, you can start to think about the impact of the eating decisions you make, before you make them. As with Scrooge, there is a decision point where you either decide to go on getting the same old results, or you do something differently. As they say, the choice is yours. You get to do the things now that your future (healthier, happier and slimmer) you will thank you for (instead of all those future regrets for what you wish you’d done differently).

And you can apply the same mindset to your exercise motivation. You can either do whatever you’re doing now and continue that way, or you can decisively take action, get active. look forward to all the health benefits and look forward to how good you’ll feel after your workout.

If you need some help with weight loss motivation then you may also want to take a look at my weight loss hypnosis downloads that cover motivation and more: Weight Loss Hypnosis Downloads (or if you need help to achieve your running goal take a look here: Running Hypnosis).

To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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