Marathon Training and Mindset – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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marathon training mindset - running hypnotherapy in Ely


Marathon Training and Mindset – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

It’s official, after what seems like an age since my last attempt, I will soon be running a marathon. Now, my days of trying to get personal bests are a bit behind me yet I’m still excited to take part in an official events and to put my semi-structured marathon training into practice.

After several attempts in previous years that have usually ended in some part or other of me breaking, I’ve slowed things down and, perhaps unsurprisingly, am now enjoying those long runs a whole lot more.  The other day I ran twenty three miles at a steady pace and it’s nice to have the time to see the scenery, to say a few words to a passer by and to be comfortably alone in my own thoughts.

I’ve written many times  about running hypnosis and psychology and I’ve included some links below. And if you are in marathon training, or doing running of any kind, then I have some awesome hypnosis downloads that you may want to listen to alongside your actual running to support your running endeavours.

It’s very noticeable how important your mindset and inner dialogue can be when it comes to running. You want to avoid talking yourself out of putting your trainers on and getting out running. You need to be able to deal with that inner chimp when out running and you want to be as calm and confident as you can be when taking part in an event with all the sights, sounds and people that entails.

According to Facebook memories it’s been at least seven years since I last completed a marathon (but that’s not necessarily accurate!) so I’m hoping to stay healthy, get to the start line, jog around and then stay in one piece to collect the medal. And, like all runners, I’ve already got my eye on the race that comes after that one (a solid 50k ultra marathon).

So this is probably the last marathon race that I completed:

marathon training hypnotherapy in Ely


Running Psychology  

Whether you are an aspiring runner, a seasoned runner or you just want to improve your running performance in some way, these articles can help you to improve your running performance, boost your belief in your own running ability and to just enjoy your running a whole lot more:

Help to find and maintain your running motivation: Rediscover and Find Your Running Motivation

Enhance your running speed work with this psychological approach: Run Faster By Unleashing Your Inner Cheetah

Improve your running performance and run better: Using Your Hypnotic Hero To Improve Running Performance

Refine your pre run strategies and routines building upon the research in this article: Strategies In The Hour Before Running

If a previous running experience is still impacting upon you, and impairing your running performance, then use this scientific method to move past it: Getting Over A Perceived Running Failure

For help reducing running anxiety: Reducing Running Anxiety To Help Your Running Performance

And for focus and motivation to achieve your running goals then take a look here: Achieve Your Running Goal – Running Therapy & Psychology

Increase your running performance by drawing upon some interesting psychological research: Running Psychology: Increase Running Performance By Picking The Pink

And if you have low confidence and low self-esteem around your running then have a read here: Runners Therapy in Ely And Newmarket: Using Your Mind To Boost Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

A whole bunch of ideas and strategies are contained in these articles so I hope you find plenty to support your running performance and progress.

And there are my running hypnosis downloads for help with achieving your running goals, running quickly and running strongly: Running Hypnosis Downloads


Marathon Training and Running Mindset

I love hearing about the running that my clients get up to. Whether they are coming for help with running performance, just enjoy running as something they do for their mental health, or are exercising for weight loss, it’s fantastic to hear where they’ve been running and what they’ve been getting up to.

Now, sometimes I encounter people who are hesitant to get into running or exercising. They will tell me how they were good at sport at school and so anything they do now, after thirty or more years of sedentary behaviour, will never match what they were doing before. Now, clearly that isn’t a very logical argument against taking action now that can benefit your physical and mental health. Surely it’s far better to take action towards your health goals now and then build from wherever you are starting from. In fact, us runners always tend to improve faster at the outset and that is such a good feeling.

So we want to avoid false comparisons with the past or other people and instead just focus on our own plan and to take each run as it comes. Certainly with my marathon training it’s been important to forget about past running (like my award for Ely Runners most improved runner 2006!) and to take action towards getting the miles done that will get me to the finish line.

And just the other day a client was asking me about the mindset aspect of marathon training. When you are out for a long time, and running a fair distance, there are all sorts of psychological aspects to manage. As you get tired it can be way too easy for the negative inner dialogue and the little demons to creep in. You can start doubting yourself, overthinking things and doing all sorts of negative and distracting things inside your own head. As if just moving your legs and covering the distance wasn’t enough in itself! However, it is certainly possible to overcome and deal with any thoughts and feelings that impact upon you getting on and enjoying your running.

In the lead up to the race I’ll definitely be managing my own thinking process, as well as through those early miles when I know there is still a long way to go, and through to those last miles when my legs may be screaming a bit and I will want to draw upon resilience and perseverance to reach the end line. Wish me luck and I’ll be sure to let you know how I get on (and hopefully I’ll have some bling to show you too!)

To your running success, 

Dan Regan

Running Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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