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blood phobia and needle phobia - Hypnotherapy Ely & Newmarket


Blood Phobia and Needle Phobia – Hypnotherapy Ely and Newmarket

Blood phobia and needle phobia are two of the main fears that I help people to overcome. And the other day, as I was donating blood again, I was reminded of all the people that I’ve helped over the years to overcome this specific fear, anxiety and phobia.

As with all phobias and fears, if you can avoid anything to do with blood and needles then you very much will. That can mean avoiding anything on TV that is related to it and feeling anxious and uncomfortable if someone mentions the subject. Just the thought of anything to do with blood or needles may be enough to ramp up your anxiety. And with avoidance being the number one strategy for blood phobia and needle phobia, you may have been able to swerve things like blood tests for a a long time. Yet, at some point a need arises for a blood test or injection of some kind and your fear and anxiety quickly escalates.

Before I gave blood for the first time I was very apprehensive. I had no idea then of how easy and straightforward it all is and how, apart from a bit of tiredness afterwards, there are no real impacts. And with your phobia, you may logically know that it’s all a bit harmless and painless yet the overwhelming anxiety, worry and panic still strikes.

No matter how severe your anxiety seems, it is possible to change how your mind perceives blood and injections from something fearful and threatening, to something more calm and comfortable. I’ve helped people at all levels of fear, including those who cancel appointments that they really should attend for their health. There have been those who can’t lift their arm for the nurse to have a blood test. And there have been those who, before hypnotherapy, used to pass out at the sight of blood or a needle.

Your mind works on patterns, habit and repetition and so, once you overcome your phobia, you can calmly and confidently be exposed to anything blood or needle related. You can handle it in the way you would many other straightforward things that you already deal with now with hardly a troublesome thought.

In fact, the only thing I had to deal with at my blood donation was the freezing cold weather on my walk to and from the office!

blood phobia hypnotherapy ely


Overcome Your Fear and Phobia

As with all phobias and fears, your mind has learnt in some way that blood and needles, and things associated with them, pose a threat that you need to be ready for. You may or may not know how your fear and anxiety arose yet that doesn’t mean you can’t change it right now to something more rational and comfortable. Whether you know the starting point, you almost certainly will remember all sorts of times, places and situations where you experienced the panic and anxiety.

And whatever your past experiences, the crucial thing is to change your psychological patterns now so that blood and needles don’t bother you so much into the future. You’ll be able to talk about and look at things to do with blood and needles while feeling calm and confident. If you need to get a blood test or injection then, instead of your imagination and anxiety running wild, you’ll feel calm and be able to go and get it done in the same way you would go to other sorts of appointments. More importantly, if you need a blood test for your health, then you’ll be able to go and get those done without the current trauma and anxiety you suffer with.

You may recall that several years ago I helped Sky 1’s Steve Miller to overcome his life long blood phobia. In case you missed it or would like a reminder, here is the video he recorded about his hypnotherapy – just click on the image to watch:


Steve Miller blood phobia hypnotherapy



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Recently i also heard from someone I helped quite some time ago who started with a terrifying fear of health related things and who updated me that she has is soon to give her 25th blood donation. How amazing is that! Not only is her fear gone but she has helped so many people along the way who needed to be given blood. Here’s what she said:


Health anxiety hypnotherapy in ely review


This man changes lives. Seriously.

I worked with Dan some years ago to overcome health anxiety which was absolutely debilitating at times. Doing basic things like going for eye tests, making a doctors’ appointment, giving blood; they were all terrifying to me. Dan’s methods really helped me to overcome these anxieties and now I have a healthy approach to activities I used to panic about and avoid. In April, I’ll be making my 25th blood donation, which is something I’ll be so proud to do because without Dan’s help, I simply wouldn’t been able to achieve this. Thank you, Dan!” Heidi.

Just like Heidi, I’m always super proud to donate blood. It requires a bit of time and a little post donation tiredness (although not everyone gets this), yet it can help save someone’s life.

And so, if you are fed up with the fear and anguish around blood and needles then it certainly is possible to overcome that fear. Whether it’s the anxiety around things on TV, people talking about it, reminders, worry about how you’ll cope if you did need a blood test, or you actually have to go and get a blood test done, you can become calmer, more confident and feel more in control. Rather than being thrown from one anxious situation to another, you can relax knowing you can easily handle whatever comes your way.

And who knows, maybe you’ll even find yourself calmly, confidently and successfully donating blood, something that seems far away now but that could soon be a reality and a super proud moment of achievement for you.

To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

Award Winning Anxiety Hypnotherapist in Ely & Newmarket


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