Injections, Needles and Giving Blood – Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

Phobias and Fears

 Warning: Please be aware that there is a photo of a needle in my arm further down this page!

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Injections, Needles and Giving Blood – Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

The other day I went to give blood here in Ely for perhaps the fifth or sixth time, and certainly the first time since the pandemic. My Dad was a regular donor of blood and it means a lot to me to follow in his footsteps (although I’m not sure I remember him acting as weak and pathetic as I do after a donation!). It’s also nice to know that for someone somewhere that I will never meet, my blood could make all the difference to them.

Whenever I mention to people that I’ve been to give blood there will undoubtedly be several people who tell me how they couldn’t do that because of their fear around needles and injections, or because of a phobia about blood.

It really does seem to be one of the most prevalent fears and phobias around. And, for the most part, if you are healthy then you may not have much need to go near a needle or injection, or to need something like a blood test. And so, when people come to see me for hypnotherapy to overcome their fear then it is likely that their avoidance strategy has failed because they need something dental or medical done, or because their health now requires regular blood tests or injections.

And, of course, you know logically that there is no need to fear that little needle, or to fear the sight of blood (after all you carry enough of it around inside you), yet the fear and anxiety can take over to the point where you delay things, suffer overwhelming panic, want to run from the room (and just keep running) or you worry you may faint. And if you’ve been anxious, fearful and had unpleasant experiences around blood, needles and injections, then those memories are a lingering reminder of what an ordeal you are facing.

Fears around needles, injections and blood are not uncommon and that pattern of anxiety can certainly be changed. You can learn how to feel calm, comfortable and in control to get done anything you need to get done, and to relax if a need for something like a blood test crops up.

(Note: There is a picture of me at my blood donation with a needle in my arm further down this article. Please scroll carefully if you want to avoid it).

Anxiety, Needles, Injections and Giving Blood

I’ve worked with a lot of people to help them to overcome their blood phobia and fear. This can range from only getting anxious and fearful at the likelihood of a blood test, to not being even able to talk about the red stuff without feeling anxious and uncomfortable. If you have a blood phobia then you may be able to usually successfully avoid things to do with it, yet at some point you are likely to be told you need a blood test for your health, some blood will crop up in something your reading or watching, or someone is going to try and give you an in depth explanation of some blood related procedure or event that they’ve experienced. Just hoping not to encounter any references to blood is a tricky strategy given that we are all full of the stuff and anyone you encounter could at some unpredictable time get a cut or have a nose bleed near you.

The first time I tried to go and give blood I was pretty anxious about the whole thing. Not because of a fear of blood and needles, but because back then I struggled with social anxiety. The prospect of being trapped in a large hall surrounded by so many people working and donating filled me with dread in case I somehow messed up in front of them all. I tried to force myself out of my comfort zone and my social anxiety got in the way. As it turned out back then it was a drop in session and they told me to come back another time because they were too busy (another fine example of anxiety creating scenarios and worries that never turn out to happen…).

So fast forward to the first time I actually, successfully gave blood (way after I was over my social anxiety), and all went well. Except maybe that I naively didn’t follow the instructions to avoid strenuous exercise beforehand, eat enough and drink lots of water. Even then, a pint of Regan’s finest soon flowed out and some soul somewhere will have benefited form it. There was a brief moment of light headedness afterwards, a lot of tiredness and a little bruise on my arm (and I got a sticker to show the kids!).

Since then, every time has been easier and easier. I can watch them draw my blood to test my iron, relax as they start taking blood and, aside from some fatigue for a couple of days, all is well (to be fair, some of the tiredness may have been from going to bootcamp the next morning!).


blood phobia hypnotherapy dan regan ely


How happy I look there! Actually, it was remarkably enjoyable and I shared a few little laughs with the nurse who was looking after me. It seems she thought it was funny when I said I was going to use giving blood as an excuse to get out of things and do nothing when I went home afterwards!

Usually by the time someone comes for hypnotherapy, it is because they have to have an injection, a blood test or a medical or dental procedure of some kind. One recent client was  needing to have a blood test every four to six weeks and found each one an ordeal. It would linger in his mind for days before, he would be anxious on the way there, panic during it and feel exhausted afterwards. After his hypnotherapy sessions, he was able to get up and go with little thought or fuss and it was just like going to any other sort of appointment.

Another client had fainted on more than one occasion around blood and blood tests in the past and was anxious about history repeating itself when she went for another similar thing again. After her sessions she went into her appointment feeling calm and in control and went through it all feeling fine. There have even been clients who have been able to overcome their fear of needles so that they can start to inject themselves regularly.

Whether it’s just the thought of needles, injections and blood, when it is mentioned, your own anxious thoughts and feelings about it, or because of something you have to get done in the near future, it is possible to feel more comfortable and to handle things in a calmer way. Rather than feeling anxious and fearful, you can be calm, confident and in control over your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions no matter what comes your way.

Despite being pretty healthy, I’ve had to have several blood tests over the years. There have been Covid injections, dental work and blood donations. At some point needing an injection or a blood test is going to happen. My most recent blood donation was a pretty enjoyable experience, although sadly it wasn’t enough to get me out of household chores or to earn me much sympathy at home (perhaps I do need to take up amateur dramatics as the nurse suggested to work on my acting weak and pathetic at home skills for next time!).

(Note: the picture of my arm as I give blood is below so if you’d rather not look now is the time you want to switch over to another one of my articles or to contact me for help to overcome your anxiety and fear).

To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

Award Winning Anxiety Hypnotherapist in Ely & Newmarket


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Giving a pint of Regan’s finest…

needle, injections, blood fear and anxiety  hypnotherapy in ely and newmarket



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