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Mental Health Awareness Week - Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week 2024 takes place from 13th to 19th May. The theme this year is about movement and moving more for your mental health.

There is a mass of evidence about the benefits of exercise to support your mental health. Exercise and movement can help with reducing anxiety, depression and stress symptoms. It can also support boosting your mental health and well-being to help you stay feeling good. Moving helps support both your mental health and your physical health.

Movement and exercise have long formed part of how I manage my own thoughts and feelings. From running on my own I get to set and accomplish goals, think about everything or think about nothing and to enjoy the sights of nature (and time in nature is also good for your mental health). And from bootcamps there is the opportunity to mix with others, to do the exercises I probably wouldn’t do if left to my own devices and often there is no time to think about anything except what I am doing in the moment.

I also love biking to and from work. It sets me up nicely for the day and creates a positive separation from after work and before I arrive home.

If you are struggling with anxiety, stress or lowness then moving can help you to feel better.  Whether its a walk, run or something else, moving can help release tension and restless feelings and switch your mental focus outside of your own head (rather than the spiral of overthinking within it).

When out running I get to see all sorts of wonderful views and sights in nature, such as in this recent image:

mental health awareness - anxiety hypnotherapy


I also think it really helps when the sun is out too!

Dan Regan Hypnotherapy - Mental Health Awareness


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Movement is important for your mental health and well-being. With anxiety, stress and lowness it may feel like the last thing you want to do, yet doing something is going to be beneficial. This Mental Health Awareness Week you are being encouraged to find opportunities for movement with your daily routines. It could be a quick walk around the block, moving while watching TV, going for a bike ride, doing some dancing or anything at all where you move your body.

Movement can really help with reducing stress and anxiety and it can help boost your mood and self-esteem. So this Mental Health Awareness Week be sure to get moving. You can build upon your existing activity levels or even use this week as a catalyst to start building the moving habit for your mental health.


To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

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