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Abolish Driving Anxiety – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Does your driving fear and anxiety hold you back?

I help a lot of people who have driving fear to abolish their driving anxiety and become more confident and calm drivers – instead of dreading being behind the wheel they learn how to feel calm and in control (and even enjoy) the freedom of driving.

Your fear and anxiety may be around your driving lessons and driving test, or maybe you have a driving licence but there are certain roads you avoid like dual carriageways and motorways. It may be that faster roads make you feel uncomfortable or you over-worry about other road users.

I can still remember my driving test (now over 20 years ago!!) quite clearly. I can remember parts of my final lesson beforehand and then hanging around for the examiner at the test centre. I felt restless and hot, I couldn’t sit still and so paced around the room and I kept feeling like I needed the loo so back and forth I went. However, as soon as the examiner came and we got started it all calmed down and that energy helped me focus and be alert throughout.



Driving Anxiety

Yet your driving anxiety may not calm down when you get behind the wheel; instead it might go through the roof as soon as you get in the car and want to drive.

My clients have told me how before their lessons or test they can start to feel that panic, their mind races, they feel sick, they get hot and sweaty and, as they count down those hours and minutes of dread beforehand, some desperately hope that an act of fate will lead to their test or lesson being cancelled.


driving anxiety hypnotherapy in ely


If you currently struggle with driving fear you may cancel lessons and I have known clients who, due to their panic attacks, have had to abandon their lesson without even turning the key. You may delay booking your test date because you don’t feel ready enough or competent enough (even though your instructor may say otherwise) and so you can always find a reason not to apply. And if you have a licence, you may just avoid driving or certain journeys or take a longer route to avoid certain roads or simply let someone else do all the driving if you can.

You may get all those ‘what-if’ scenarios playing through your mind like what if I panic, what if I can’t do it, what if I cause a crash and kill someone, what if I crash the car and so forth. And while you imagine these things, you can feel that feeling of anxiety growing inside, reminding you how you feel about driving.



How Driving Fear Starts

Driving anxiety may start after a specific event such as being involved in a crash or a near miss. I once worked with a guy who was a great driver – until he was involved in a car accident as a passenger. After that he would be edgy and nervous whenever he was in the car.

Perhaps more commonly your driving fear will arise after a period of high stress or worry. You feel stressed and on edge generally and then get in the car and either that feeling of stress gets associated with driving or maybe the driving itself adds that extra element of stress that is all your mind needs to get panicky and anxious. It then becomes linked to driving and continues from there.



How To Tackle Driving Anxiety

There are many ways that you can start to diminish that anxiety of driving from today.

Recently I was invited to speak about driving anxiety with the Cambridgeshire Association of Approved Driving Instructors – I’ll be sharing with you the things I shared and discussed with them.

Best wishes

Dan Regan

Driving Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket



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