Why You Really Need To Control Your Anger


Control Your Anger Hypnotherapy


Why You Really Need To Control Your Anger

Do you struggle to control your anger?

Anger can lurk inside you and be problematic in a number of ways. There can be the seething, internal anger that leads to irritability, frustration and harshness towards others. Or there may be the intense emotional anger that leads to arguments, conflict and even physical outbursts. The occasional annoyance when you feel wronged may not be too problematic. Yet uncontrollable anger can lead to stress, destructive behaviours and abuse.

Your own anger leads to stress, low mood and a deterioration of your own self-esteem. You may do things you regret, cause problems in your own life and be self critical. Being unable to control your anger can rob you of your happiness and well-being.

Your anger may be causing problems in your relationships or at work. And no-one wants to create an atmosphere of fear where those around you are constantly wary of setting off the powder keg of your rage.

Like all strong emotions, anger stops you thinking clearly and reasonably. You struggle to consider other perspectives or to find intelligent solutions. Instead, your anger leads you to act first and think later. And so you verbally, or even physically, lash out. You attack first and then suffer the consequences later.

And research suggests that alongside all of the other negative ramifications of struggling to control your anger, you may also be damaging your physical health too.


The Risks of Getting Angry

Getting uncontrollably angry can cause all sorts of damage. You rant and lash out and cause emotional hurt. You argue and say things you later regret. Maybe you smash things up or break things in your rage. And some people drink to try and calm their mind and find some temporary inner peace.

Anger is destructive.

It used to be thought that it was good to vent. Rather than keeping it bottled up you instead let it all out in your emotional outburst. Now, sharing how you feel and being able to wisely express emotions is constructive. Yet, constantly getting over angry is likely to mean you just get better at having angry outbursts. We all work on pattern, repetition and habit. If your usual response to things is to get angry and lash out then you will find, when faced with any sort of trigger, your anger easily fires up again. You end up getting angry more often and you create more problems in your life. You get better at getting angry and your sense of control over your responses is continually eroded.

It becomes more habitual to get angry. You lash out, demand others see things your way, and use bullying and force to try and push across your own views. Those around you live on edge in case of another of your unpleasant and fear inducing outbursts. It can seem like you are constantly teetering on the precipice of another uncontrolled outburst.

Alongside all the problems, for you and others, caused by your inability to control your anger, research shows the risk it also creates for your own physical well-being.

Getting angry, even briefly, raises your risk of heart disease or of having a stroke (Shimbo et al, 2024). The research sound that getting angry can impair blood vessel dilation, something that can lead to high blood pressure and other impairments, such as heart disease and the risk of having a stroke.

The implication would then seem to be that getting angry more often increases your risk of certain serious health issues.


Hypnotherapy to Control your Anger

Hypnotherapy can help you to learn how to control your anger.

It’s something that I help many people with and something I’ve covered previously in these articles:

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Hypnotherapy to release anger: how angry are you?

Hypnotherapy to help you to control your anger has two main goals. Firstly, you want to be able to manage your own thoughts and feelings so that when faced with a challenging situation, you are able to stay in control and nip things in the bud. Rather than your anger rising and rising, you want to be able to limit it and bring it back down. That way you are the one in control and you are able to handle things more calmly, reasonably and effectively. You can still be healthily assertive if need be, and also able to express your needs and views. However, you will be able to do it in a way that is free of reckless lashing out, emotional harm and the negative impacts upon your own health. You find yourself back in control over your own thoughts, feelings and actions.

Alongside that, you want to learn how to get less angry, less often. You can diffuse all those old triggers that used to lead to excessive anger. This means that problematic situations are reduced and you become generally more calm, confident and in control. You become habitually better at dealing with things. Should a challenge arise, you would then use all you have learnt to nip it in the bud.

Rather than being at the mercy of your anger and emotions, with all the negatives that come with it for you and for those around you, it is very possible to successfully take back control over your anger.

To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

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Reference: Shimbo, D., Cohen, M.T., McGoldrick, M., Ensari, I., Diaz, K.M., Fu, J., Duran, A.T., Zhao, S., Suls, J.M., Burg, M.M. and Chaplin, W.F., 2024. Translational Research of the Acute Effects of Negative Emotions on Vascular Endothelial Health: Findings From a Randomized Controlled Study. Journal of the American Heart Association13(9), p.e032698.


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