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Turn your harshest critic into your greatest ally…


Sometimes when I ask people what they say to themselves I get funny looks as though they think I’m suggesting they hear voices!


The fact is we talk to ourselves all day long, whether we notice what we are saying or not.


And if that voice in your head has been your harshest critic telling you things like ‘you’ll always be fat’, ‘it’ll never work’ or ‘how did you let yourself get so fat you stupid XXXXXX’ then it’s no surprise if you feel a bit rubbish and expect to fail before you’ve ever really started.


Your internal voice may be crucial out of habit or because it doesn’t want you to fail and feel bad. Either way, wouldn’t it feel a bit nicer to say positive things to yourself to help you feel motivated and succeed?


So from today every time you catch yourself saying something negative about your weight and eating, pause for a moment, notice the tone of that voice and where you hear it in your head.


Then imagine letting the voice drift outside of you for a moment and turn the volume down. Now that you can hear yourself think again, decide what you want to say to yourself and the tone you’d say it if you felt motivated, energised, confident and successful. Let the new voice back into your head and start feeling good.


Do this every time you need to until it becomes natural to have positive, empowering thoughts that spur you on to create the life you truly want to live.



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