How to Succeed with Weight Loss 4 – Weight Loss Tip 4


Winning Weight Loss Tip No. 4: Move More


A little less of the fat; a lot more action!




For some people just the word itself can bring them out in a sweat!


And others remember days at school when they were made to run around the playing fields in all weathers or their old P.E. teacher who shouted a lot.


Or maybe you haven’t started doing anything (despite your good intentions) because you’re worried it’ll be hard work or you won’t enjoy it or you’ll look a bit silly.


Whatever the reason you aren’t exercising or aren’t doing it as often as you keep intending to, the good news is that all you need to do to lose weight is


Move more than you currently do.


How easy is that!


Unless you want to turbo charge your results and enjoy the good feeling that comes from exercising, all you actually need to do for weight loss is move more. It could be parking further away from work/the shops, taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting up and going over to someone rather than e-mailing or anything else that makes you move.


And to get the real benefit, do it so that your breathing increases and/or your heart rate goes up a bit.


So all that’s between you and your perfect healthy body could be a 10-15 walk each day. And even you could find just 15 minutes a day for your health couldn’t you?


Or maybe you’ve always wanted to take something up like zumba, jogging or dancing. Why not just got for it now? If a little nervous then find an interested friend and push each other into taking that first step.


As mentioned above, if you want to succeed to you have to take action so DO IT NOW! If you wait you’ll probably just find another reason to sit on your backside some more!  


As always, if you plan to start exercising more then it’s a good idea to check with your doctor first.


If you need a bit more motivation to start moving a bit more then do this:





  • Remember a time when you felt really, really motivated. It could be in relation to a hobby or interest, a cause you feel strongly about or some other time when you felt an unstoppable determination to move forward in a positive way with something.


  • If you can’t think of a time, imagine how motivated you would be to go and collect the cheque if you’d just won the lottery (and visualise the scene when carrying out the following steps).


  • Fully return to that time now, float into your body as though you were right there now, seeing what you saw, hearing what you heard and feel that feeling of motivation as it spreads through your body.


  • Keep playing through the time in your mind, make the colours brighter and richer, the sounds crisper and the feelings stronger and more intense. Imagine a dial in your mind that goes up to 100% and keep turning that dial up as the feelings of motivation grow and strengthen through every part of you.


  • Notice the confident, motivated things you say to yourself about how you can take action and how nothing is going to stop you achieving your goal. Notice where in your body you feel that motivated feeling the strongest and give it a colour, then take the colour up to the top of your head and down to the tip of your toes. Make your colour of motivation brighter and brighter again.


  • When you feel completely motivated and that dial is at 100% (or higher!), bring to mind the thing you want to feel motivated about.


  • Imagine taking this motivation into that exercise situation as though you were right there now, seeing what you’ll see, hearing what you’ll hear and feeling how good it feels to be so much more motivated in that situation. Even hear your internal voice say in a confident voice, ‘let’s do it’ and how that propels you forward to succeed.


  • As you imagine everything going perfectly, notice how motivated you now feel about that situation and how it becomes so much more obvious what your first step towards achieving it should be.


  • If the feeling of increasing motivation isn’t yet as strong as you’d like it then repeat the above steps, allowing yourself to use your own internal motivation from one experience and apply it to this one.


Ramp up the motivation! To get even better results, add a soundtrack that makes you feel even more motivated and energised e.g. the Rocky theme.



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