How to Succeed with Weight Loss: What Stops You Losing Weight



What stops you losing weight?


There seem to be as many reasons why people can’t lose weight as there are people who want to lose the weight.


The sort of examples I hear weekly are:


  • I don’t have time to eat healthily or exercise
  • My job is too stressful that I need something to look forward to
  • I don’t know why I’m overweight as I hardly eat anything
  • I just have a slow metabolism
  • All my family are overweight so it must be in my genes
  • It’s hard with children as I snack with them
  • It’s hard work losing weight
  • It would hurt my partner’s feelings if I said ‘no thanks’
  • If I didn’t eat snacks I wouldn’t have enough energy
  • I was taught by my parents to finish everything on my plate


Whilst all/some of these may currently be what you do it’s time to accept that we are all fantastic at MAKING EXCUSES (although we like to call them ‘reasons’).


Even if all these things were currently true for you to some degree – how many of them could you HONESTLY not change if you had the motivation to be thinner?


So if you want to make changes then it’s time to




If you want that thinner, healthier body and those good feelings of happiness then you need to ditch all those excuses from TODAY!


Otherwise you are simply choosing to keep doing things the way you have been – and that means staying overweight.


If you want to make that choice that’s your call – your weight is your issue. However, you can save yourself some time by cutting your reading of this weight loss guide short right now so you can go and have another snack…


If, on the other hand, you’ve decided to take responsibility for your weight and health then read on and start losing weight…




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