How to Succeed with Weight Loss – Weight Loss Tip 1



Winning Weight Loss Tip No. 1: Why Are You Here Anyway?


Understanding WHY you want to join the thin party


You’re reading this guide because you, like millions of other people, want to take control over your health and weight and starting feeling healthier and happier.


The question then becomes




Why are you here? Why do you want weight loss? Or more to the point – why do you want to lose those excess pounds and what makes you want to do it NOW?


Most people who come to me for successful weight loss sessions have already tried diet after diet and 9 times out of 10 have ended up putting on even more than they ever lost while following those diets.


You could just give up, call it a day and decide that cakes and chocolate taste quite nice thanks so if you’re going to be fat at least do it in style.


Or maybe, just maybe, you have a burning desire to feel good and look good, to wear those clothes, confidently go swimming, walk down a beach care free or even walk up some stairs with puff left at the end.


And I don’t mean a burning desire as in that all sounds nice I’d quite like to be thinner please.


I mean a burning desire in that you’ve accepted and decided that NOW is the time to lose weight and you’re willing to make WHATEVER changes may be needed because it means that much to you.


The sort of desire so that if weight loss came by post, you’d run up the street and rip the postman’s arm off before clawing through reinforced cardboard with your nails and teeth to get your hands on it.


The truth is you don’t have to go that far (good news for postmen!) – all you’ve got to do is:


1) Find that reason WHY you want to lose weight – a reason so personal and so strong that you are going to keep going and stay motivated on your health crusade no matter what other people or life throws in your face.


Depending on where you are in your life right now that weight loss reason might be something like:


  • I want to be able to play with my kids without needing to sit down and get my breath back
  • I want to be a good role model for my family
  • I want to live to enjoy life with my partner/kids/friends
  • I’ve got all my old smaller clothes and I want to be able to wear them
  • I want to go out socially (without feeling self-conscious or embarrassed)
  • I want to put on my swimming costume and swim again
  • I want to be able to confidently sun bathe in a bikini
  • Or any other reason that feels good even as you believe how you are in control of making it come true.


 2) Know HOW YOU WANT THINGS to be different


3) Take ACTION towards making it happen – CONSISTENTLY



To really turbo charge your motivation to make weight loss happen in the right way do this quick exercise:


a) Close your eyes and imagine that it’s five years in the future and you carried on doing things the way you have been with eating and dieting and exercise and habits. Imagine travelling out in your mind to that point and then notice exactly what your life is like – your health, the things you can do, the things you can’t do, the clothes you can wear, how you look, how you move and get a sense of exactly how it feels to be here.


b) Bring those thoughts and images back to now.


c) Now, imagine travelling once again to five years in the future only this time you started making changes from today – you completed that food diary, set that goal, ditched the excuses etc. and started losing weight in a healthy, sustainable way.


Again notice everything about yourself – your health, the things you can do, the clothes you can wear, how you look, how you move and get a sense of exactly how it feels to be here


d) Bring those thoughts and images back to now.


e) Take a few minutes to compare these two futures in your mind until it becomes such a simple decision which future you are going to create. Then decide to take responsibility for your health, your weight and what goes in your mouth and start making that future a reality.


Anytime you find your motivation flagging, simply repeat this exercise and lock the picture of how you want your future to be to firmly in your mind.




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