Overcoming an Inner Critic and Fear of Failure Hypnotherapy Testimonial

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Overcoming an inner critic and fear of failure hypnotherapy testimonial

Transcript to Richard’s video where he describes how he used to feel limited by an inner critic that led to over-analysis, stress and a fear of failure, which ultimately was stopping him doing the things he wanted to do. Following his sessions he is now doing the things he is passionate about and feeling relaxed, positive, happy and in control:


“My name’s Richard. I came to see Dan about six months ago. I wasn’t a very happy person at that point, struggling with many things in a very stressful job, working long hours, not sleeping very well. But the main problem that I was struggling with was a sort of inner critic, as I call it, that was just constantly commenting on what I was doing, over-analysing what I was doing, down to minutiae which was stopping me actually physically doing the things that I wanted to do, and getting out and doing things that I was passionate about. It was affecting my sleep. I would wake up in the middle of the night going over things, every kind of scenario you could think of which ultimately would stop me actually doing those things for fear of failure, so I really wanted to get that sorted out.

So I came to see Dan and these sessions have always been very positive and supportive. We always talk about how things have gone, how things have improved between sessions, or not as the case may be. He’s given me some very constructive, easy-to-do techniques that I can put into place when things are not going as well as maybe I would like them to. Having said that, over the course of the six months that I’ve been seeing Dan, there’s been a huge improvement to the point that, and interestingly, you don’t actually see that improvement, it just seems to be quite organic. But now my life’s changed completely.

Without sounding too grandiose about it, I was able to give up the job that I found very stressful and didn’t enjoy very much. I’m back doing what I’m passionate about. Lots of opportunities are coming my way. I’m feeling relaxed. If I do have the slight niggle, which does happen occasionally, I’ve got tools that help me to put that away or diminish it. I’m certainly not governed by any more and I have a very positive, very happy, very enjoyable time, so I can only thank Dan for that.”



22 September 2017

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