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Where is your focus? Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog:

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Where Is Your Focus?

Hello, it’s Dan here and I wanted to say a few words about briefly today, it’s something that I’ve been talking to quite a few clients about recently and that’s about being very mindful, being very aware, being very conscious about what we’re paying attention to and what we’re really focusing on in our lives. Because, if we spend all our time focusing on stuff that’s outside our control, what other people are doing, what they think about us, that person whose driving might irritate us a bit when they cut us up, or that person who doesn’t say thank you when we hold the door for them, or even at home an e-mail that someone sends to us and how we perceive that, whether someone isn’t doing what we think they should be doing at work.

All these kind of things, if we’re focusing on all those things that are outside our control, we can try to influence them. At the end of the day, they’re very much outside our control, they’re not up to us. We want instead to be focusing as much of our attention as we can throughout the day on the things that are within our control, those things that are up to us. And the things that are up to us, the things we can learn to be in control of our thoughts, our feelings, our behaviours, our mindset, things that we may be focusing on, how we deal with challenges, how we cope with things, because if we focus on all the other stuff, what other people are doing, thinking, all those things, we’re going to experience quite a lot of negative emotions potentially.

So, we worry about those things, we feel anxious about those things, long after events we might find they may be circulating, we claim them, we’re telling other people about them, and we carry them with us for a long time, lots of negative, unwanted emotions and thoughts, and that can have an impact on our sleep, it can impact on our relations with others, on how we feel in ourselves, how we perceive things, how we deal with, how capable and confident and calm we can feel in ourselves, to deal with life.

All those things can certainly build up and detract us and distract us from doing things how we would rather be doing things. So, really, as I’ve been saying to clients, we really want to be focusing on what can I do here, there can be things we influence, how we put ourselves across, the kind of things we focus on, the kind of things we talk about, the kind of thoughts that dominate our minds, being kind to ourselves, encouraging ourselves, believing in ourselves, certainly the more we focus on things that are within our control, the things that we can seek to influence, on our goals, how we approach those goals, how we deal with perceived setbacks, how we handle challenges, how we can dismiss other stuff potentially and not let it engulf us mentally and physically, the more we focus on the things that are within our control, the more likely it is that we are going to experience joy, and happiness and positivity and calmness and just feel better in ourselves both in the present and into the future.

So, really, what I’m suggesting here is to be very mindful, be very aware, are these things, things that we need to be focusing on. Are they things that are up to us, are they things that are not up to us, are they things that are within our control, are they things that are not within our control and really to be put much effort and as much mindset, physically and mentally into focusing on those things that are within our control and certainly that’s going to lead to us feeling more fulfilled, more joy, more happiness and more positivity.

And who doesn’t want more than that, or more of that even, if I can get those words out. So I will leave you with that, to really be focusing on those things that are under your control and you are going to find yourselves feeling a lot happier, feeling a lot better in yourself and that can only be a good thing. So, I’ll leave you with that and you take care now.

Dan Regan

31 October 2018

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