What’s Your Why – Hypnotherapy in Ely Vlog

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What’s Your Why – Hypnotherapy in Ely Vlog

What’s your ‘why’ with regards to your goals? Whether it’s overcoming anxiety, reducing stress, building confidence and self-esteem, changing habits or getting healthier, your motivations and reasons are the things that will get you going and keep you going. They may be all the positive things that achieving your goals will bring, and those motivations may includes letting go of old frustrations and annoyances. Knowing your reasons, making them strong and reviewing them, will sustain you when you face the inevitable challenges and problems you encounter along the way. They are the things that will give you the persistence and resilience you need to achieve your goals. Watch the video now:


whats your why hypnotherapy in ely

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What’s Your Why? 

Hello, it’s Dan here. I hope you’re good today. Today I’m talking about the importance of your why. The other day I was re-watching, I’ve watched it dozens of times, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, if you haven’t seen it you should, the Abbott and Costello sketch, who’s on first, what’s on second, I don’t know who’s on third. Absolutely hilarious. I’ve watched it dozens of times, you should really watch it. 

But the question they don’t include in that, which is a really tenuous link, is the why. Why are you doing this stuff, why are you taking action on the goals on the goals you’re taking action on because without a strong enough why, what tends to happen is that initial impetus, whether it’s healthy behaviours, drinking less, eating better, exercising, whether it’s taking those steps to overcome anxiety, or fear of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, whether it’s doing those things, the interactions that strengthen your confidence, without a strong enough why what can happen is that, over time, that impetus starts  to wane and you start to go back to old habits, and you find yourself doing things in a way you were doing them before you even started.

Yesterday I woke up yesterday morning on a running day, the rain was pouring down, torrential rain, banging on the window. And certainly in that moment when I woke and I could hear the rain, the thought of that run, my motivation started to dip quite quickly and if I didn’t have strong enough whys I wouldn’t have got out of bed and gone and done it. Those whys because I want to be fit and healthier, because I want to be in the best shape I can, so that when races restart I can go and do a 10K. I still have goals of doing ultra marathons in the future and those kind of things and I know that I will feel better from running and I will feel worse if I don’t do it.  So, I get out of bed, I go out there, I run around in the rain, I come back like a drowned rat, but I feel better for it because those whys are strong enough to get me moving.

Which means that if you have a particular goal, like I say, whether it’s a health goal, eating better, drinking less, giving up smoking, whether it’s taking those steps to push forward to overcome anxiety and putting those steps in place, and building things up in that direction, or increasing confidence. Whatever your personal goal, you need to make sure your whys are strong enough so when you encounter off days, when you encounter challenges, perceived setbacks, on the journey of achieving any goal, those things arise, those kind of stumbling blocks, those moments when things get a little bit tougher, and you need the resilience, you need to be able to call upon those whys, those reasons, those motivations, the things you want to achieve, but also the annoying things you’re moving away from, and the things getting on your nerves that made you take action, and those frustrations.

You want to be able to call upon them and have them strong enough that they push you on and you persevere so that you achieve the goals that you want to. Like I say, whether that’s being  healthier, more confident, calmer, more in control, doing the stuff you want to, enjoying life more, feeling happier, feeling better, all those things along that journey are going to require perseverance, they’re going to require strong enough motivation, going to need to keep in mind those things you’re moving away from, the annoyances and frustrations which, like I say, over time can start to wane. Who hasn’t started a goal, the emotions there, the drives there, mentally you’re there but as time passes and life goes on and challenges arise and things happen, that starts to wane and you find yourself back where you started so really, if you’re setting a goal, have those whys, make them strong enough, make them so strong that you know that ,when faced with challenges, you will carry on, you’ll do the stuff that you want to, you’ll persevere, you’ll find solutions, you’ll find a way to deal with your thoughts, your feelings, your behaviours, to take action, to make progress.

Write them down, review them every morning, have them there in the forefront of your mind so they frame everything you do and, who knows, perhaps soon you’ll find yourself running out in the rain with me, well not necessarily with me, but near me, just getting wet, it’s good fun. I might see you out running in the rain soon but, otherwise, have those reasons in your mind, set your why, review it, make it stronger and stronger, so that you achieve what you want to and you’ll find yourself feeling good for taking those steps. I will see you very soon. Take care now.

Dan Regan

20th July 2020

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