What’s it like to be hypnotised?

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What’s it like to be hypnotised? Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Until you have experienced hypnosis, you may wonder what hypnosis is and what it’s like to be hypnotised.

What is hypnosis?

The easiest way to think about hypnosis is as a deep relaxation where you can put all your other thoughts to one side just to focus on how you want things to be better or different.

And it’s a normal, natural state which can often seem familiar.

Because every day we go through a whole range of consciousness – from being fast sleep to moments when we are excited or completely alert. Your state of mind when watching TV or on the computer will be very different from when you are in the middle of a conversation. And we experience everything in-between such as when our mind wanders, drifts or we ‘day-dream’.

And have you ever had those moments, such as when you drive a familiar journey, when you arrive and wonder how you got there? Or you are on a train, or a passenger in a car, and you’re looking out the window at nothing in particular and you are ‘lost’ in your thoughts?

These ‘trance’ like moments are all very much like hypnosis and we experience them every day. The only real difference when you come and see me is that the hypnosis is deliberately induced.

What happens when I’m hypnotised?

When you are hypnotised you will feel very relaxed and calm. You will still know you are in the room and will be able to move to make yourself even more comfortable if you want to.

Throughout the process you will know that if you wanted to you could open your eyes, and you will still be able to hear what I say (otherwise I’d be talking to myself!).

How does it work?

To a large extent our minds can’t tell the difference between something we vividly imagine and something that is real. So if you imagine something in the future you think will be stressful, you can start to feel stressed now even though you are not yet in that situation.

In addition, our minds work through association. So your mind can learn to attach your stress to that situation or that sort of event. And when it arrives, your mind knows what to do – you quickly feel stressed!

In the same way, by vividly imagining how we want to feel and act, we can programme our minds so that things happen in a new way. We can learn to associate positive feelings with the things in our lives. And you can start enjoying more and more of the good feelings that come from having freedom and choice in your life.

Will I lose control?

One of the main myths about hypnosis (mainly from stage shows) is that you can be made to do something against your will.  However, that’s more to do with how stage shows are set up than hypnosis.

Whilst you are hypnotised you can’t be made to do anything against your will – your sense of morals and you own value system remain in place.

One of the best things about my hypnosis is that you take more control. Instead of your problem having control over you, you learn to take back control over it. The more important that life change is to you, the more control you can take through hypnosis.

More questions about hypnosis?

Why not contact me and book your very own free initial consultation?

I’d be delighted to meet you and have a chat about how hypnosis could help you start feeling healthier, happier and more in control in your life.


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