The Anxiety Equation – Hypnotherapy in Ely Video

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The Anxiety Equation – Hypnotherapy in Ely Video

Many people come to hypnotherapy believing that the thing they are anxious about causes their anxiety. For example that social situations, flying, swimming in deep water, driving on motorways and so on cause the anxiety. However, not everyone struggles with anxiety in these situations and that’s because there is an additional factor that needs to be added to that equation and it’s one that is good news for overcoming your anxiety. Check out this video to learn more (click on the image):


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The Anxiety Equation: 

Hello it’s Dan here. I hope you’re good. Now, many people turn up to therapy thinking that the thing they’re anxious or fearful about causes that anxiety or fear. Fear of flying makes me anxious, turbulence makes me anxious, public speaking makes me fearful, fills me with dread and anxiety, driving on fast roads, swimming in deep water, socialising, going out, working with my boss, being in that environment.

Whatever the thing is, there’s an assumption that the thing that causes the anxiety – flying, driving, socialising, public speaking – causes the anxiety. Yet we know that’s not the full picture because, if that was the case that the one thing directly caused the other, that first thing, the consequence was always the anxiety/fear, then everyone would have that. Everybody in that situation, so you wouldn’t get people who enjoyed flying, you wouldn’t get people who thrive on public speaking, or enjoy socialising, or are happy to drive on motorways, or swim in deep water or whatever it might be.

So we know there’s a missing step in that assumption. And that missing step all comes down to what you’re doing inside your head. So the thing – flying, public speaking or anything else that causes that anxiety/worry – is multiplied by all the stuff going on inside your head. So your beliefs, your expectations, any catastrophising you’re doing, worst case things you’re imagining, worries about what other people think, or whether you can cope, or whether you’re good enough.

All those things create the consequence of the anxiety and fear which, in many ways is a good thing because, if flying definitely caused fear, or public speaking necessarily had to cause anxiety, you would be pretty stuck, there wouldn’t be much you could do about it, would there. You would just had to endure it or avoid it. Yet, because it all comes down to the stuff inside your head there’s plenty of stuff we can do which is where someone like me comes in.

We can deal with the things you’re thinking to yourself, those thinking patterns whether they’re helpful or not. Your belief, your expectations, we can get things in your mind when you’re thinking ahead, more rational, logical, more based on fact, rather than anxiety driven or your imagination.

We can get to a place where you’re more in control of the kind of stuff going on inside your head where you have realistic and reasonable expectations, where you just know that you can handle whatever comes up and deal with any challenges and you’ll be okay, where you know you’re good enough, where you believe in yourself, where you know you can handle it, where you know you can deal with it, which means that that whole equation changes, so the driving fear, fear of public speaking, all those situations that were causing anxiety are now multiplied by more helpful, more positive, thoughts and feelings, and beliefs and expectations, where you trust in yourself and you know you can cope with it and you feel capable and you know you can put techniques and thought patterns, and expectations and all those things fall into place, which means that the consequence is feeling happier, feeling better, being able to do stuff, feeling calm when you drive on the motorway, believing that you if you can swim in shallow water, you can swim in deep water, if you can speak in front of one person you can speak in front of a hundred people, if you can socialise with a couple of good friends, you can talk and socialise with others.

You can put all those things into place when you get that equation in the right place and recognise that. But the key factor in all these kind of anxiety issues is the stuff going on in your head and there’s so much we can do to really help you with that. If you read any of the testimonials on my website you’ll see exactly what we’ve done there to help people do that and I’d love to help you do that if you need some help too. Or otherwise really recognise that there is that part of the equation that can be addressed. There are things you can do differently in your behaviours, in your feelings, in your actions, in your thoughts, and that’s going to lead to being so much happier, so much better, getting on with life, enjoying life in a fulfilled, positive way. So you take care and I will speak to you soon. Take care now.


Dan Regan

17th June 2020

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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