Taking Action On Anxiety – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog

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Taking Action On Anxiety – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog:

This is the transcript page to my video about taking action on your anxiety (click on image to watch the video):


Action on Anxiety Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Ely

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Taking Action on Anxiety

Hello, Dan here and I hope you are good today. Now earlier this week was world mental health day, not that mental health should just be about one day, but the reason I mention it is because, on that day, a former client of mine posted a fantastic blog on her blog pages all about how her anxiety, earlier this year, had gone from just being around running to being much more general and impacting in her life in a much bigger way with the anxiety, with the panic and that kind of stuff.
And she talks about, in that blog, how we worked together and how things are so much better now. One thing she does mention in that blog, which I think is a really pertinent point, is how during the sessions that we did together, we developed coping mechanisms, we developed strategies, we developed ways to to be able to bring that anxiety panic level down or to interrupt those kind of anxious thoughts to stop them growing into other stuff, and behaviours, ways of doing things that really can help in terms of easing anxiety.
And the thing she mentioned in her blog, which I think is really pertinent, some of those work, some of those worked for her, some of them she found to be absolutely powerfully effective, some didn’t work so great, so we dropped them. But certainly if you want to overcome anxiety then it’s about finding those ways that are right for you, that mean that you can calm those anxious feelings, that you can start to redirect those anxious thoughts, and you find yourself having those kind of behaviours that mean that that anxiety is not so prominent in your life, and turning that shift really. We’re designed to experience anxiety panic in certain situations.
We have that capability, we’re designed to do it. When it becomes a problem, it just becomes too much if you like, it’s kind of oversensitive to potential threats, things that could go wrong, things that could impact on us negatively in ways. Because we’re designed to do that, we’re also designed to be able to be calm, relaxed, to feel more in control, to think clearly, to use all our knowledge, all our wisdom, all our intelligence as well, and that means that, if we can tap into that stuff a lot more with the kind of techniques, with the kind of strategies, that certainly we find ourselves feeling a lot better a lot quicker, and finding the ways to develop those strategies, those coping mechanisms, those ways of doing things which might only be small things, or they could be bigger things, they might not take much time, or they might take a bit of time, but certainly as we incorporate those into our lives, we tend to find that not only can we maintain things but we become much more resilient to stuff that happens in the future, because there are things we can do to keep ourselves feeling good, to keep perspective, to overcome obstacles, to deal with challenges, rather than it expanding and taking over and finding ourselves just bobbing along from one kind of challenge, or one difficulty, to another.
It often surprises me when I talk to people about their experiences with other therapists, of whatever type, whenever in their life, how many don’t ever teach them mechanisms for handling things, both at that time, and things they can do into the future that may mean that they are much less likely to need to go and seek professional help. It really is, research evidence shows, it really is a cornerstone of any successful therapy. But more importantly than that, I want people I work with to have skills, to develop things, to have self belief, to be able to get on with their lives.
As much as I love my clients, I’ve worked with some absolutely wonderful people, I don’t want them feeling like they’re dependent on me or having to rely on me because they don’t have the kind of mechanisms, and the knowledge and the coping skills to get on with their life and deal with stuff. So really I think the key point I want to make here is that sometimes we do stuff to ease anxiety and it will work brilliantly.
Sometimes we try something and it really helps and, if you find those things build on them, build on them, incorporate them more into your life, get them at that level, remind yourself about them in those good moments so that they’re there at the forefront of your mind when challenges do arise. Sometimes we need to recognise that we try something that doesn’t quite work, or we need to amend it, or alter it, or we need to try something different. That’s okay. Anything that we learn from that gives us more clues as to what is going to help, but we need to recognise as well that we are designed, we know how to feel calm, how to feel relaxed, how to feel good, how to think clearly, how to think logically, reasonably. We know how to do all these things, so we’re aiming to find those ways to tap into them and, once you find those ways, I’m confident that you will find yourself feeling better. That you’ll be able to get on with your life in ways that you want to.
And because we’re all designed to do this, I know you can do that too. So go away, practise things, find things, look up things, try things, build on the ones that work, amend the ones or ditch the ones that don’t work and I know you’ll be finding yourself feeling better very quickly. I will put a link to the blog I mentioned. It’s a fantastic blog – the one that mentions me and how well the sessions went. The other blogs shw writes are OK too. Just joking, they’re brilliant. I will put a link to that. Do take a look at the kind of stuff she writes about. Do consider signing up to her blog – it is very good and I will see you next time. Take care now.
Dan Regan
15 October 2018
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