Stop Smoking: Pre-Session

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Stop Smoking: Pre-Session 

To increase your stop smoking success, please carry out these tasks in advance of your stop smoking session (NOTE: if you do not carry these out in full then the session will need to be postponed until you do them AND you will be charged a postponement fee):

Please download this PDF which explains the tasks in full: pdfstop_smoking_pre_session.pdf

1-2 Weeks Before

1. SMOKING DIARY – keep a diary of every cigarette you smoke for one week before the stop smoking session. Keep a note of where you were, who you were with, the time of day and anything else you notice (e.g. you were stressed/bored etc). Please bring this to the session.

2. PAY ATTENTION TO EACH AND EVERY CIGARETTE YOU SMOKE – whenever you smoke, do nothing else but smoke (no watching TV, working, talking on the phone, having a conversation, reading etc). Pay attention to each cigarette – how you hold it, the feel of it in your hand, how it looks in your hand, the sensation of the cigarette on your lips, the smell, the taste, the sensation of the smoke in your throat, how you feel inside as you smoke etc.

3. LIST YOUR REASONS – write down all your reasons for stopping. Make sure you cover the negative reasons (impact on your health, sick of the smell etc) and the positive reasons (your skin will look better, you will see your family grow up, you will be able to exercise, you want to be in control and free etc). You may find it useful to video yourself (e.g. on your phone) reading all of these reasons to strengthen your commitment to quitting for good. Please bring your list of reasons to the session.

4. KEEP YOUR CIGARETTE BUTTS – During your final week as a smoker, put all the cigarette butts and ashtray remains in a jar with a lid. Put some water in there too and seal the jar after your last ever cigarette. 

5. DELAY THE FIRST ONE – Deliberately delay the smoking of your first cigarette each day for as long as you possibly can (and then aim to add another few minutes on top of that).

6. ONLY WITH WATER – You must only drink water when you smoke. No smoking with coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks or anything else. 

Three Days Before

7. SMOKE WITH THE OTHER HAND – for three days before you stop smoking for good, use your other hand when you smoke. 

8. CHANGE YOUR BRAND – change your brand of cigarette three days before we meet. 

On The Day

9. DO NOT SMOKE –  There is no smoking on the day of your appointment. As you awake on the day of the session I want you to already start considering yourself a former smoker, as though it is already something you have outgrown, something that you used to do that you now no longer do. The session will just make it easier for you to do this for the rest of your life. Keep one cigarette to bring with you to the session.

Please remember of bring your smoking diary and list of motivations with you to your appointment. 

I look forward to seeing you at your stop smoking session and in helping you with your goal to stop smoking for good.

Best wishes



Please remember to do these activities in full  – they are a sign of your commitment and resolve to quit. They are an important part of your stop smoking success and each one strengthens your likelihood of success. Because of this, if you do not complete them your session will be cancelled.

Please do remember that whilst I will do all I can to help you quit smoking, it will require your commitment, motivation and determination if you want to successfully quit and live a healthier and happier life.


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