Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Future and Motivation – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog

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Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Future and Motivation – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog:

This is the transcript page to my hypnotherapy vlog called ‘Scrooge, The Ghost of Christmas Future and Motivation’. Click on this image to watch this awesome hypnotherapy video:


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Scrooge, the Ghost of Christmas Future and Motivation

Hello, Dan here. I hope you’re good today. Last week I was down at the Rochester Dickensian Christmas Festival. As you can imagine, for a Christmas kind of events, lots of characters dressed up as Scrooge, lots of references to a Christmas Carol, watching an absolutely fantastic rendition – a small drama group did a rendition of a Christmas Carol. Lots of rhyming, lots of audience participation, lots of going ‘Hurray’ and ‘Boo’. And it’s panto season, I’m all primed for that now, I’m ready for the panto.

The key thing there was the Christmas Carol. I’m sure you all know the story, Scrooge a very selfish man, very greedy, lots of wrongdoing, those kind of things, visited by the ghost of Christmas past, showing what his life was, the ghost of Christmas present talks about how his life is now, but what I’m really interested in talking about here is the ghost of Christmas future. The ghost took Scrooge on that path of how things are going to continue if he carries on doing the same old things, in the same old way he’s been doing them, being greedy and selfish, being focused on his money, ignoring everyone else, all those kind of things and how that’s going to pan out, meaning if his life carries on in that way. There’s no-one there at his funeral, people seem pleased to see the back of him, a rotten kind of future if he carries on doing things in that kind of way. And that’s what inspires him then in the story to make those changes, to adopt that mind set of generosity, of compassion, of being nice.

And that’s where the story ends in that, by thinking ahead into the future and what that holds if he carries on doing things in the same old way he’s done them up to then, taking that potential pain, that kind of frustration, those potential disappointments and using that very much along a positive path. And I think we can take something from that, in that we can apply that to anything in our own lives, where we know we really should be doing something, or we ought to be doing something, or we want to be doing something yet somehow we never seem to quite get around to it. We put it off or ‘I’ll get on with that tomorrow, next week’. And it could be in any area of our life, where if we carry on doing things in the same old way that we are doing them up to now, we’re going to carry on getting the same kind of results into the future, and starting to think how is that future going to unfold. How is it going to be in a year’s time, another year’s gone by, I’ve carried on doing things in the same old way and what’s my life going to be like then. Or five years, ten years, where things are pretty much the same, the same kind of results, same kind of thoughts, same kind of behaviours, same kind of frustrations, disappointments, the only difference being a lot more time has passed, we’ve moved on in life, yet we’re still doing things in that same old way and really spending some time vividly thinking about what we’re going to be seeing, hearing, feeling, the kind of disappointments, frustrations that will be there and how it will impact on your life and those around you.

And we can apply it to any area of our life where we really need a bit of motivation, or we really need to be doing something, or want to be doing it but we put it off, we procrastinate, we don’t quite get around to it, we make excuses, we go and do other stuff instead and we carry on getting the kind of results that actually we don’t want. So by thinking of those, and like I say, any area of our life, so it could be with anxiety, spending some time thinking what’s it going to be like in one year, five years, ten years if I don’t do anything about my anxiety right now, if I don’t practise self help techniques, if I don’t go and talk to someone about it, if I don’t seek professional help, what’s life going to be like if I carry on thinking like this and feeling like this into the future, avoiding things, putting things off, feeling bad about things, forcing myself through things. We can apply it in other areas as well, smoking is quite a common technique to think about. What’s life going to be like in a year from now, five years, ten years, the impact on our health, how that impacts on those around us, the money spent on it, we can apply it to areas like exercising, finding that motivation to get out there and start doing something and creating that positive momentum, certainly around weight loss and being in control of eating habits.

Again, what’s life going to be like if, in ten years’ time, I’m still eating in the same way, maybe even put on more weight, because I didn’t take action, I didn’t do stuff, I didn’t seek professional help to take control of my eating habits, frustrations, disappointments, how rubbish we feel in ourselves. Like I say, it can apply to any area of your life. And in doing these things we want to really take all our frustration, all our potential disappointments, all that stuff, that negative stuff if your like, all the fears, the worries, the concerns, the failures, all those kind of things that would be there if we carry on down that path, taking that and using it to motivate us, to inspire us, to take action now that would mean moving forward along a different path, in the same way that Scrooge did in taking action and doing something about it and starting a momentum. Taking some sort of action, making a decision and following it through that will mean, when we think ahead to a year, five years, ten years, it becomes a much better, more beneficial, more positive prospect because we’ll have that freedom to live the life we want to live, and to be seeing, hearing, feeling, doing those things, the impact on us, on others.

How good we’re going to feel when in ten years’ time we look back and think I’m in a good place because I took that action, because I dealt with stuff, because I did something about it way back then. So, the key thing is, like I say, in the same way that Scrooge benefited in that story from doing that, we want to take that, think it through, there’s that negative path but actually I’m going to use that to motivate me to move along a positive path and I think you’ll find it a very useful exercise in terms of getting that motivation now, so that the stuff that we’re doing today, the kind of decisions we’re making, how we’re using our time, our energy, the kind of thoughts, the things we’re focusing on, paying attention to, we start to make changes with those, progressive positive changes, that build up a momentum that moves us along that positive path that will mean feeling a lot better in ourselves.

So really take some lessons from Scrooge and apply that positive mindset, so any area of your life where there’s something you need to be doing, or want to be doing, or should be doing but you’re not quite getting around to it, find that motivation by thinking of how I’m going to feel into the future if I carry on doing things, getting the kind of results I’m getting now and how much better is it going to be when I start doing something about it, and start moving it forward along that positive path. I think you’ll find it a very useful exercise and please do use it to motivate you to move away from what you don’t want towards what you do want, and enjoy the results of applying that into your life. So I’m going to leave you now with that and I’m going to check the TV listing to see when a Christmas Carol in on the telly, it must be sometime soon, and I will leave you with that. You take care and have a great day.

Dan Regan

11 December 2018

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