Possible Versus Probable – Hypnotherapy in Ely Video

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Possible Versus Probable – Hypnotherapy in Ely Video

In many ways, being able to deal with anxious thoughts is about switching your perception from possibility to probability. Doing so can make a big difference in your thinking and your anxiety levels, as I explain in this video:


anxious thoughts possible versus probable hypnotherapy ely

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Possible Versus Probable: 

Hello. It’s Dan here today. I hope you’re good. Now if you struggle with anxious thoughts, then you’ll know they often tend to be those kind of catastrophic, worst case scenario, what-if kind of thoughts. Because the future is very uncertain and there’s a whole vast possible way that things could unfold from today, which none of us know, it’s going to be easy for those anxious thoughts and feelings to latch on to things and you find yourself worrying, thinking the worst thing is going to happen, things are going to go wrong, things could go badly, there’s going to be an accident, a crash, you’re going to die, whatever those kind of thoughts may attach to.

So what we want to start doing with those thoughts is to start going OK that’s possible, because many things are possible in the future, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s probable. So you want to start challenging those thoughts, and really holding them up to scrutiny. Certainly writing them down can help with that, saying them out loud even, starting to consider what evidence is there for this, just because something is possible, doesn’t make it probable.

That’s a very important distinction in terms of our thinking. I’ve mentioned before that our thinking is often very awry. It’s not necessarily fact, it’s not necessarily based on any form of reality but if you invest belief in it, if you really engage in it, if you make it vivid in your mind, then those anxious feelings are going come and really hit you and the more you do that, the more habitual it becomes.

So what I suggest starting to do is to start really asking yourself just because this is possible, this anxious thing I’m thinking about that might happen, is is probable. Because I think you’ll find in many cases it simply isn’t. In the same way it’s possible a plane could drop out of the sky right now and land on my head, that would be the end of this video, it’s possible a sink hole may appear and swallow up this building but how probable is that. Not really. But if I was to invest belief in those kind of thoughts, and really engage in them, and repeat them and repeat them, and make them more and more vivid and alive in my mind, that’s how we generate that anxiety.

So really start to hold those thoughts in your mind, start to consider, to observe them and write them down, like I say, if you need to, and start to consider just because it’s possible that this will happen, how probable is it that you will be in an accident, or something is going to happen, or people will think badly of you, because I think you’ll find that it’s not very probable at all and you start to dilute those kind of thoughts and feelings that go with it. And this is very possibly the best video you’ll watch today and very probably too, so you take care (that’s is a terrible joke) and I’ll see you very soon. Take care now.


Dan Regan

17th July 2020

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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