Positive Feedback – Hypnotherapy in Ely Vlog

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Positive Feedback – Hypnotherapy in Ely Vlog

In this video I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who has sent me positive feedback and updates following their hypnotherapy sessions. There are now approaching 250 hypnotherapy reviews over on my website and only this week I received a text from a client who stopped smoking a year ago, and from another client thanking me for help during a difficult time last year (and who is now back to his ‘normal self’). By the way, remember that if you are seeking help to overcome anxiety, increase confidence, overcome a fear or anything else then you can book a free initial consultation to learn more. Have a watch here:


positive feedback hypnotherapy in ely

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Positive Feedback: 

Hello. It’s Dan here. I hope you’re good today. And today I just wanted to really quickly say a huge thank you to some of the clients who have contacted me recently to tell me how well they’re getting on. So I had a text the other day from a client who stopped smoking with the sessions we did a year ago, who celebrated his anniversary, he feels so much better for not smoking and is really in a good place regarding that kind of stuff. A year not smoking, that’s pretty awesome when you used to smoke 20-30 a day.

Another client contacted me, who I also worked with a year ago, to tell me how all his anxiety stuff that he was experiencing then in relation to a particular challenge, a life issue that was going on, how the sessions helped him become the normal him, who can deal with stuff, who just feels good in himself, who’s happy, who’s confident, and how since our sessions over the last year he’s been carrying on doing that, and he feels happier, he feels calmer and his anxiety has gone.

To top it all off, another success with a client I was talking to the other day, who for two or three years had debilitating anxiety, didn’t want to go out, didn’t want to talk to anyone, didn’t want people coming around, didn’t want to communicate with family, didn’t want to go out, or do any of that kind of stuff because of the anxious thoughts and feelings that she was experiencing. Despite having that for two or three years, despite medication and those kind of things which didn’t really help, and other therapeutic approaches, I’m really pleased to say now that, for three or four months completely anxiety free, just being herself, happy, bubbly, talking to people, feeling good.

So I just want say a thank you to those clients who have contacted me. Obviously I appreciate that not everyone wants to do a video testimonial or to put something in writing to share in that way but certainly there are around 200/250 video and written testimonials on my site. So please do let these kind of stories I’m telling you today, and the feedback, getting rid of anxiety and sorting other issues, as well as all those other ones on my website.

Take a look and if you’re struggling with anxiety, with stress, with no confidence, low self esteem, unhelpful habits, you want to quit smoking, lose weight, all those kind of things, do let those testimonials, that feedback, in video form, the written ones, let them inspire you, be inspired by it, let it give you that hope, that knowing that with the right approach, with the right techniques, you too can get rid of anxiety, you can deal with those things, you can overcome challenges, you can change your behaviours, you can change your mindset and you can find yourself feeling happier and better. Who doesn’t want that?

If you want to contact me for advice on any of those things, I do do that free initial consultation. We can have a chat and take things from there. Please do take a look at all those stories, be inspired, be motivated and then take that as your step, if you like, or your inspiration, to get out there and to achieve those results. Because if they can do it, you can do it. I know you can do it. It’s just about putting the right things in place to get you to where you want to be. So, wonderful feedback, thank-you to those clients, thank-you to everyone else who write these testimonials about stuff I do and I will leave you with that. Please do be inspired, be motivated, recognise that you can overcome those kind of issues that you might be battling at the moment. Do take care of yourselves and I will speak to you very soon. Take care now.

Dan Regan

30th July 2020

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