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Kindness – Hypnotherapy Video

This hypnotherapy video is my plea for us all to be much kinder to one another. In a week where my wife has been on the end of some distasteful treatment, it’s useful to remind ourselves that kindness not only benefits the person we are kind towards, but also has many mental health benefits for the person doing the kindness too. Be kind!

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kindness hypnotherapy in ely


Hello, it’s Dan here today. I hope you’re good. Today, I really just want to make a plea, a plea that we can all just be nicer and kinder both to ourselves and to other people. All the research shows that if we’re kinder to ourselves and show more understanding and more empathy to ourselves, wish ourselves well, want the best for ourselves, and we do that in a positive, constructive, loving, kind kind of way, then our self esteem improves, we feel better mentally and physically, a whole range of positive ripples flow from that.

But it’s also true in terms of kindness towards others. Again it’s associated with having better mental health, feeling better about yourself, feeling happier, getting more out of life in many positive ways from that kindness. I’ve mentioned this stuff before but the reason I mention it today is because there’s been some unsavoury stuff that I’ve observed in the last few days to do with my wife. She’s been on the end of some stuff that, as a female, I don’t think males would have been treated in the same way. I find it quite distasteful in some ways, in the ways she’s been spoken to, in the way some certain things that I won’t go into because they’re confidential have been handled, some phrasing, some suggestions, some mannerisms towards her, which all combine in many aspects, just distasteful, just unnecessary, and more like something from the 1970s when you look back on TV and sexism and the way things were dealt with then. The kind of stuff she’s experienced no-one in this day and age should experience. Something out of the seventies – we’ve moved on.

Hopefully, most of us here are a lot more tolerant and understanding. It doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything, doesn’t mean you have to have the same views on everything, but we can still express kindness and understanding and support and just be nice people. There is no way in this day and age that people should be suffering from racism, or discrimination or sexism, or any of that stuff, it’s just unnecessary. I like to think as humans we’ve kind of moved on from those kind of outdated attitudes.

But there’s been some unpleasant stuff, some distasteful stuff, some things I don’t think should have been handled in that way. So really today it’s just my plea, my plea, let’s all just be nicer to each other, let’s just all want the best for each other, let’s just be nice, we should be nice to ourselves, we should encourage ourselves, we should support ourselves, we should learn and grow as people, and get better at making decisions and handling challenges, and resolving setbacks and doing all that stuff.

Let’s also take that not only  within ourselves but also out there to everybody else. If we go around, just be nice, being kind, doing acts of kindness, expressing gratitude, being thankful, doing all that kind of stuff, then we all feel better but we know, like I say the research shows, if we’re kind to ourselves, if we’re kind to other people, it has benefits, it has more benefits for us than it does to the people we’re being kind towards to be honest.

More benefits for our mental health, how we feel ourselves, for our self esteem, for our well-being. It makes sense to do this stuff. There is no need to be unkind to people any more. If you want to feel better in yourself be nicer. It’s as simple as that. Now I know if you’re watching this, you’re a nice person, I’m sure you are. But there are other people out there and we need to spread that message and that plea. Let’s all just be nice, but certainly, and be aware whether this applies to you or not, be nicer to yourself as well, be kind to yourself, know you’re doing the best you can with what you’ve got, and the knowledge you have, and the experience, you can continue to grow, you can get better at doing stuff but always have that inner love kind of acceptance that will mean that you can move forward in positive ways, that will mean that you just get the most out of life, you enjoy life, you get that kind of well-being, you enjoy this experience, this precious experience of life, and you find yourself feeling better.

So, let’s all be kind to each other, let’s all be kind to ourselves, and let’s reap the benefits of that of feeling happier, feeling better, better mental health, enjoying life more and I think we will all benefit from that. So, there’s my plea. Perhaps in some ways linked to the kind of stuff I do, in some ways a little bit broader than that. But let’s all work on that, work on ourselves, to be nice, to be kind, to express gratitude and we share that whenever we go.

Please do ‘do do’ that ‘do do’ that’s one for my kids. Do-do. Let’s all do that stuff, let’s move forward, let’s be nicer and I think, like I say, we will all benefit from that. I wish you a wonderful day and I will speak to you very soon. You take care now.


Dan Regan

7 November 2020

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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