Hypnotherapy For Anxiety – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog

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Hypnotherapy For Anxiety – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog

In this video I cover why hypnotherapy for anxiety can help you so well if you are currently struggling with anxiety (and it’s not just because the scientific research tells us so!). Click on the image to watch it now:


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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety:

Hello, it’s Dan here. I hope you’re good today. One thing that often comes up when I’m talking to people, particularly in the early stages, like at the free initial consultation I do with people, is about how anxiety works so well with hypnosis and what is it about hypnosis that means that there is a very strong likelihood of you getting a positive result and being able to overcome your anxiety from working with me.

And we have a whole wealth of scientific research and evidence that shows that hypnosis/hypnotherapy work really well in terms of helping you overcome anxiety, thoughts, feelings, symptoms, and everything that goes with that. The reason being is because hypnosis/hypnotherapy really build upon the same psychological processes that you would already be doing if you’re anxious. So, when you’re anxious typically all those kind of anxious thoughts going through your mind, worst case scenarios, what if this happens, and the more you focus on those, the more anxious you are, the more they take over your mind, the more things get linked together so when you think about whatever that anxious thing is, you automatically your heart starts beating faster, you feel tense, on edge, your stomach might get butterflies, all those things kind of go on and it becomes very much a pattern of those negative thoughts, focus on them increasing, you think about them more, perhaps they can get worse in your head in terms of the consequences, and there’s a fixed attention in your mind on those things that lead to all the symptoms, all the behaviours, not wanting to do things, dreading things, avoiding things and so on.

Now what we’re looking to do with hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to build upon those psychological processes, to give you ways to send them in a different direction. So that, rather things go wrong, worst case, what if this kind of stuff happens, we want to help you to be able to redirect those thoughts, to interrupt them, to separate yourself from them, so that they don’t affect you in that way, to take away the emotion from those things so that you’re not focussed on them, so that they’re not building up inside your mind, so that they’re not affecting you in terms of your thinking, in your feelings, your behaviours so you can get on with the stuff you want to.

And we know from anxiety, it can affect how you feel physically from thinking those thoughts, the more you think them, like I say, your heart rate gets faster, you might get hotter, tense, pacing, loss of appetite, people don’t sleep, you can’t switch your mind off. We know this happens but we also know that through things like hypnosis, you can do that in the opposite direction so you just feel more calm and relaxed physically, more at ease, your heart rate might even slow down, your breathing rate slows down, you feel better physically.

So we’re building on those same processes but, rather than the unwanted thoughts leading to, focussing on them, thinking about them more, exacerbating them in your mind, leading to the anxious symptoms, and that being the pattern, I’m helping you to change that direction so that you’re in control of the stuff in your mind, you can interrupt it, you can redirect it, you can keep a distance from it, you can be okay even if stuff does come into your mind, you don’t need to engage in it, you can feel comfortable in yourself regardless of what goes on in your mind, yet finding yourself thinking about the positive stuff you’d rather be thinking about more of the time.

Which, in turn, is going to mean that you’re focussed on that stuff, that you feel better in yourself and that’s got to be a good way to be and I love helping people to be able to do that. A whole ton of testimonials and things are on my site who have experienced that and are just getting on with things. Like I say, we’ve got the scientific research, the evidence that supports that this is a thing, practise shows it, research shows it and I’d love to show it to you as well and for you to find that solution to your anxiety.

So, we build upon the same psychological processes. It really is fantastic stuff when you realise that you don’t have to have those things affect you in the way they were and, like I say, it leaves you feeling happier, feeling better, and that’s got to be a good thing hasn’t it. So, I’ll leave you with that, You take care and I will speak to you very soon. You take care now.


Dan Regan

4th August 2020

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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