Gut Instinct and Intuition Hypnotherapy Video

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Gut Instinct and Intuition Hypnotherapy Video

In this video I talk about relying on your gut instinct and intuition.  Many people rely on their gut instinct and intuition in making decisions about what to think, feel and do. In this video, I talk about whether we can always rely on our gut instinct and intuition?

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Gut Instinct and Intuition

Hello, it’s Dan here. I hope you’re good today. It’s been another fantastic week here with my hypnotherapy sessions both here and over in Newmarket, been helping people overcome anxiety, deal with fears, improve confidence, improve self esteem, things around relationship with food, and a whole kind of range of other stuff as well. And some really fantastic results so I’ve been really pleased with how people have been able to just get on and do the stuff they want to do, and feeling a lot better in themselves.

But today what I want to talk about is whether we can or even should be  trusting our gut instinct, or our intuition with things. People often talk about how they’re guided by their gut feeling in decisions they make,, in whether they do things, their actions, their expectations, and how they think around things and, as with a lot of stuff around the mind and the body, the answer to whether we should just invest and follow our gut instinct or our intuition is that ‘maybe’.

So, as with a lot of things, it’s not necessarily clear-cut because with our gut instinct, it’s not always a reliable indicator of what we should be doing. Take, for example, someone with anxiety – if you struggle with anxiety your gut feeling about some event or some thing coming up is this is going to be bad, it’s going to go badly in some way, people are going to think badly of you, what if you panic, worst case scenarios, what if this happens. And we know from experience, we know from reality, that a lot of those things you might be worrying about with anxiety just don’t come to fruition. They just don’t happen in that way, things aren’t as bad in that way, you do cope with stuff, you do get through it and there are a whole range of things obviously that can be done, and I work with people around anxiety, but your gut instinct, your intuition with anxiety is really misguided, so if you were to rely on that it might stop you doing the kind of things you want to, or you would suffer in a lot of unwanted thoughts, feelings, in a way that perhaps wasn’t necessary. I

t’s true around weight loss as well. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’re trying to be focussed and eating in a healthy way and then you come face-to-face with maybe some kind of food you like a lot, some sugary snack, a doughnut, whatever it might be. Your gut instinct says ‘eat it’, it calls to you, it plays on your mind. Every part of you is going I want to eat that unhealthy thing. Should you be trusting your gut instinct and your intuition there – perhaps not.

The same with giving up smoking.  If you just decided to give up smoking, perhaps using willpower or so forth, around other people smoking when you go into a shop and all those typical situations, every part of you might be crying out for a hint of nicotine and to do that habit and that behaviour.

It’s true in other instances as well, our gut instinct, our intuition isn’t always totally on point. It’s the same, I’ve talked about it before in these videos and in my articles online, it’s the same with our minds, our minds are often off key, or exaggerate things, or just plain get things wrong, and have biases in how we think. Which means that, in terms of our thinking, we need to be more objective, we need to develop that capability to evaluate the stuff in our minds, and to decide how much weight, how much time and energy, how much thinking and belief to invest in the kind of stuff that we think, and the kind of things that our expectations, our beliefs about ourselves, about the world, about what we think, what makes us feel better, and so on. We want to hold up our thoughts and sometimes we want to evaluate those and consider them logically, rationally, objectively, before we decide what we do next or how much weight to give to that stuff, or whether it’s based on fact and evidence rather than just habitual perception.

So, the same is also true about our gut instinct, our intuition, you want to be informed by it, you want to be aware of it, like you want to with other aspects of psychology and your thinking and so forth.  You don’t necessarily want to be totally guided by it, and just blindly follow it as if it’s an always reliable indicator of what you should be thinking, or feeling, or doing. So, with all this stuff, and this is something I work on with clients, you just want to get better as humans, focussing on the right things, being able to weigh up things correctly, being able to evaluate things in their correct perspective, so that we make better decisions, how to think, feel, act, react, and the stuff we do in our lives, the things we go for and how we live our lives, which obviously means that we just feel better, feel happier, calmer, more in control, more positive, more confident, all that good stuff.

Always keep in mind that, whether it’s the thoughts in your mind, the feelings in your body, your gut instinct, your intuition, be informed by those things, be curious about those things, be objective about those things, evaluate those things, and then making better decisions around what to do next, how to think, how to feel, how to respond to things, which will mean just feeling happier, feeling better, which of course is what you want for you, which is what I want for you, that means just feeling better in life.

So, do keep that in mind around your gut instincts, your intuition, even around your thoughts, and you can have a look back at some of the other stuff I’ve done, around all the sorts of biases, and where our brain gets stuff wrong, our brain is fallible, our gut instinct is fallible, so that means we need to apply reasoning as well, and to be objective and to evaluate stuff intelligently, and logically, and I will leave you with that. Please go away, cultivate that skill, develop it, be informed by these things and then make better decisions that will make you feel happier, calm, confident, in control and I wish you every success with that. You take care of yourself. Goodbye now.


Dan Regan

7 November 2020

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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