Ely Festive 5k and Why You Should Get Running Mental Health Vlog

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Ely Festive 5k and Why You Should Get Running Mental Health Vlog

In this mental health video, recorded just before the Ely Festive 5k 2019, I talk about some of the research that shows that exercise can help with symptoms of anxiety and depression, and how it may even have a preventative effect for these mental health issues. I also mention very recent research indicating that low cardiorespiratory fitness (the sort of fitness improves by running) is associated with a greater risk of common mental health disorders. And another recent research paper describes how running reduces risk of death from cardiovascular illness and cancer meaning that any running, even just once a week, can improve your health and life longevity.

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Ely Festive 5k and Why You Should Get Running

Hello there, it’s Dan here. I hope you’re good today. And this one here. We’re just getting ready today to go and do the Ely festive 5K, our fourth year in a row, basically going around Ely, doing the 5K, moaning at each other and being glad when it’s over. We’re just getting ready and it’s really hard to talk in this beard so I hope you can actually hear me because I’m getting a mouthful of whatever  this is made of. It doesn’t smell good either.

Today we’re going to do the run and there’s loads of evidence out there that running and exercise is good for your mental health. Research shows that it can have an anti-depressant effect on depression, it can help reduce anxiety symptoms, and it may even have a preventative role in terms of mental health conditions, anxiety and depression and so forth, so that if you’re being active it reduces the risk of getting those things.

We have research that shows, very recent research, that shows that higher levels of cardio-vascular fitness, or cardio-respiratory fitness, which is the sort of thing that you get from running and walking, and being active in that way, that gets the heart pumping, and gets oxygen to the muscles, higher levels tend to reduce the risk of getting mental health issues and lower levels of activity are associated with higher levels of mental health issues. And in terms of running specifically, there’s research out, this month actually, that shows that any running, even once a week, even short runs, is good in terms of reducing your risk of cardio-vascular and cancer mortality, so getting out there running can mean you live longer and live healthier. So, what’s not to like. One of us is keen on running, one of us is here because I bribed her with chocolate. So, I digress.

So, there’s research that shows that it’s good in terms of living longer, living healthier. The park runs out there, they’re supported by groups of GPs and so forth. So, what we’re doing today is good in terms of our mental health, is good in terms of keeping us healthy and we’re going to go out there and hopefully enjoy it. I’ll get to listen to this tune going round and round and round for forty-odd minutes. So, get out there, get active, in terms of your mental health it’s a great thing to do.

Running in particular, like I say, that research I’ve written about on my website says that any running is pretty much, regardless of how much, even one run a week is better than no run at all and I will leave you with that. We’re going to go off to be Chrismassy, perhaps a little bit early, but we’re going to be off, be Chrismassy, run around Ely, and I will speak to you soon. Take care.

Dan Regan

28 November 2019

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