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Change, Growth and Capability – Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Vlog:

This is the transcript page to my hypnotherapy vlog about change, growth and capability. Click on this image to watch this great hypnotherapy video:


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Change, Growth and Capability

Hello Dan here, and today I just want to say a few words about change and our own individual kind of capabilities, our own skills, and those kind of things, and whether we really appreciate sometimes the changes that we have made in our lives, the challenges we’ve overcome, the things we’ve done because I think that often it’s very easy to, we’ve all got a lot of stuff to do.

There are pressures, there are stresses, we have to be places at certain times, we’ve got needs to be met, other people to deal with, we’ve all got a lot of stuff going on and I think sometimes we can get so lost in all that stuff, so lost in the present moment and getting ready for the next moment, what we need to sort and organise and all the things that are currently going through our minds that, sometimes, it’s very easy for us to lose track of the things we’ve dealt with, progress we’ve made, challenges we’ve overcome and we tend to focus on those things that are going on now, the kind of challenges we have now, the things that we want to resolve right now, all those things we need to get sorted, all those kind of things that go through our minds and through our days and can fill our time and take our energy, and we want to deliberately sometimes look back and go ‘I’ve dealt with that’, ‘I overcame that challenge back then’, I’ve grown as a person in this way.’

Think back on the positive times, the good times, rather than just getting stuck in that mindset where we only notice what’s going wrong and what we’re not happy with, and what we want to change. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting to deal with our current problems. We all want to change in some ways, we’re all kind of a work in progress in some way that’s led us to where we are now. I don’t think any of us are the finished article and kind of go I’m there now, that’s me done for life. We all want to kind of progress and move on and develop in certain ways and we’ve all got particular challenges and stresses and things to do and to deal with and that we want to do right now.

In the mix of that though we want to take a moment and go actually where was I a week ago, a month ago, five years ago, what challenges, because we all have them, we’ve all come through challenges, we’ve all dealt with stresses, we’ve all grown in certain ways, or developed skills, or introduced new ways of thinking, or how we use up time differently, the focus we have in our lives can change, but during all that there are ups and downs, sideways movements if you like, we get through all those somehow.

And we want to recognise that we have that capability, we can handle challenges, we can make decisions, we can progress in some ways, we can do things we enjoy, we can have happiness, and positivity amongst all that. Certainly we will develop our own capabilities for dealing with the kind of stuff that tends to come our way in our life and, like I say, we want to deliberately notice those things.

For example, I was working with a client this week, who came to see me with three very specific goals. We did a couple of sessions and his first comment was ‘nothing’s changed’. But then we looked at where was he, I can’t remember how many weeks, a couple of weeks ago for example, where was he then, what were the kinds of things he wanted to be working on then, what were the kind of challenges, the issues that he wanted resolved right then. And when we looked back in that way it turned out that two of his three goals, those things weren’t even happening any more. He’d overcome those. Sometimes, we just lose track of them, we lose track that we’ve progressed, we lose track that we’ve changed and we can just get focused on that one thing that’s still going on and forget that two thirds, I’d forgotten what percentage that was then, two thirds, 66.6 blah, blah, blah percentage of stuff has moved on, which is all positive stuff, it’s all good stuff, and which should fill us with a sense of ‘and I can deal with this kind of thing that’s going on, because I’ve reached this point, because I have this capability, because I can achieve what I want to achieve, because I can resolve problems, because I can overcome challenges.’

So, really what I’m saying is rather than just being fixed now, we want to also take some time, and not just do that thing that we do when we feel anxious, we feel rubbish, and look back on all the stuff we now perceive as failures, all the stuff we could have done differently, all the kind of other stuff and dwell on stuff we are perceiving in that way right now and not just looking into the future and going ‘what if this bad thing, or what if it goes wrong, what if I make this mistake’ we want to go actually ‘I’m here now, there are things I want to achieve and deal with and overcome’ but also when I look back there are positive moments, good moments, capability moments, overcoming challenges moments, making good decision moments, all that stuff and it’s really worth spending, whether you do that daily for a couple of moments, just kind of thinking back, contemplating that stuff, whether you do it just periodically, we want to kind of be able to draw upon all the knowledge, all the capability, all the wisdom, all the experience, all the things we‘ve been through, all the things we’ve learned, and actually go ‘yes, I have these resources, I have these skills, I have these capabilities, and because I’m accessing those things, because I’m reminding myself how I can do those things, means that I can carry those into the future, with a sense of confidence that wherever I am now I’ll get through, I’ll be OK.’

Because, at the end of the day, in most situations, for most of us, most of the time, stuff we’re experiencing now it will be gone in a period of time, a week, a month, a year, whatever it is, most of the things we might forget even happened, stuff that’s filling our mind now gets lost in that time frame. But certainly whatever is coming our way it’s really worth it, I think there’s a huge value in recognising progress, recognising change, recognising capability in a positive way and fill yourself with that sense of whatever happens you can deal with it, because you’ve reached this point.

And the more you fill yourself with that, the more you put your attention on those things, and spend a few moments here and there contemplating those things, I think the better you are going to feel in yourself, and the more resourceful, and the more capable and have more self-belief ready for the future. So, yes, that’s what I recommend, in the same way I pointed out to that person I was working with, is this happening, ‘no’ great, we’ve moved on, what have you done there, how have you made that happen, how do you build upon this kind of remaining thing. We all want to start applying that discipline, that mindset, that kind of viewpoint to ourselves, that perspective, because it makes us stronger, it makes us feel better as people, it gives us the kind of resilience we need. So, I will leave you with that, really worth spending some time doing that, I wish you every success with it. Please do recognise your capability, recognise you can handle things. I’m off to watch Wales play the rugby on the telly and I will see you next time. C’mon Wales.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

3 December 2018


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