Depression and anxiety hypnotherapy help Bret – hypnotherapy in ely review

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Depression and anxiety hypnotherapy help Bret – hypnotherapy in Ely review

Transcript to Bret’s hypnotherapy testimonial video – overcoming anxiety and depression with hypnotherapy:



Hi, my name’s Bret Dearson. I came to see Dan just over three months’ ago. I had several issues and bad habits I really wanted to knock on the head.

More than probably ten years I spent with some anxiety and depression problems and came here for a visit with an open mind, to be honest, ‘cos hypnotist does have a bit of a stigma to it but it really, really changed my view and a totally different experience than what I thought I was going to have, and I just feel like my life changed really for the better.

It’s a whole new world opened up to me and I’m really, really enjoying it. So, I can’t thank Dan enough basically.



June 2015


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