Helping your child with bullying at school:

It's been a tough old week or so in the Regan household as we discovered that one of the girls was being bullied at school. Of course, we'd noticed that something was going on as there were changes in behaviours at home such as being tearful and anxious, becoming more attached, withdrawing from activities that were enjoyable before and a huge drop in appetite. 

And as many other parents experience when their child is anxious and upset (whether caused by bullying or something else), it isn't always the easiest to get to the root of what is going on - especially when it all happens when they aren't around you so all you see are the knock on effects. I've got to say it's tough seeing your girl so unhappy and not knowing what to do to help her because she doesn't want to open up to you or anyone.  

Thankfully, using some of the ideas below we have been able to break the bullying behaviours that were going on at school, put things back on track and we now have our usual happy girl once again. One thing I often get asked about by other parents if how they can help their children to manage anxiety and what they can do to help them so I've included in this article some of these ideas, with the caveat that I don't know your particular situation and circumstances so I can't guarantee how well they will work for you - they certainly helped us to resolve this bullying issue so I hope that they can help you too. 

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Rock-tastic Mindfulness! Why I'm Loving The Current Ely Rocks Mania!

This weekend was a big one in the Regan household as we went family rock-hunting for the first time around the streets of Ely. That's right, rock-hunting! 

Here in Ely, a growing number of people are drawing, painting and decorating rocks and hiding them around Ely for others to search for and find. There's a Facebook group with over 1200 members so that when you find a rock, you take a photo of it, post it in the group and then rehide it for someone else to discover. And as the Facebook photos show, there are some pretty talented artists out there of all ages. In fact, a quick scroll through the page shows I've come to this at least a couple of months late but hey, what does that matter now I'm here!

Now I don't actually know who started this idea or whether it's bigger than just Ely and the surrounding area, yet what I do know is that it's pretty addictively fun stuff! After finding my first rock on my walk to work the other day, I've found myself eagerly walking around my usual Ely routes yet with my eyes peeled to spot more amazing rock finds (ok, ok so my eyes are actually checking out every possible corner and hiding place along the way...and yes I have actually altered my route a bit to go past places where I'm sure there must be some rocks hidden...I mean they are just awesome places to put a painted rock...come on rockers, please someone put some more rocks out on my route!!).

And having taken my rock finds home to show my kids, they were very excited about the weekend and having a chance to get out there and find some rocks themselves. It's great family fun! 

Along with being lots of fun, here are some other reasons why I think no matter where you live, you should get rocking...

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How hypnotherapy can help you ease symptoms of anxiety:

I'm delighted to have once again been published on the Good Zing website, this time talking about hypnotherapy for anxiety and how it can help you.

If you haven't discovered the Good Zing website yet, it's a place where you can find everyday health and wellness tips on a wide range of issues and topics. If you are heading over that way, why not start by taking a look at some of my tips and advice for dealing with anxiety or my article about 5 Simple Ways to Shut Down Your Anxiety.

In my article I talk about how hypnotherapy can help you take back control over your thoughts and feelings, rather than being seemingly controlled by them. Why not click on the link below, have a read and then let me know what you think?

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Increasing Focus and Productivity in 2018:

Wowzers! It's the end of the first working week of 2018 already! How did that pass by so quickly? (Ok, I know that for most of us here in the UK it was a shorter week because of the Bank Holiday on Monday, but still....)

This week has been crazy busy with clients and I've been helping people with, amongst other things, overcoming anxiety (including a client who hadn't left the house for weeks and after our session was able to go to a packed-out event in London!), quitting smoking (I had a great update form a client who came just before Christmas and is now well on the way to three weeks as a non-smoker), ending exam anxiety, ending insomnia and many clients who want to increase their confidence and self belief.  

Outside of that it's been hectic with the kids going back to school and trying to resurrect the old getting up and ready on time routine and I've survived back-to-back bootcamps for the first time after a couple of weeks' break from them over the holidays.

So many people I've spoken to tell me how 2017 seemed to fly by for them in one big blur, and I can resonate with that as while overall I had a great year, it often seemed to whizz by, divided into my three main priorities of family, work and exercise. 

And because our time is so limited, I'm determined to get even more focused and productive at work this year so that I can enjoy more time with my kids (and throwing a tyre around at bootcamp). 

Yet if you are a bit like me then this first week has not been your most productive. Sure I've got the essentials done but with getting used to getting up in the morning and trying to get back in the groove with work processes and systems, it's seemed more of a lumpy journey than a seemless one.

So with these first few days out of the way, I'm getting back on track right now! Here are three things I'm putting in place to increase my focus and productivity:

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Happy New Year! Let's Get Cracking On with 2018!

Phew! Christmas week is over and it's been a pretty hectic one in the Regan household!

Christmas morning began at the early hour of 2 am when my very excited kids woke up to investigate whether Santa had been yet. My two had been told they could open and play with the presents left in their rooms but they were not allowed downstairs and they certainly were not to wake me and my wife before 7 am - turned out this was beyond wishful thinking and we had a slightly surreal moment when my eldest tried in earnest to persuade me at 3am that it was actually 7am! 

And in what seems like no time at all we have gone all through Christmas week and we are into 2018 already! I'm super excited about this coming year and can't wait to get back to helping people overcome their anxiety, stress and worry. I had some fantastic updates from clients over the Christmas week which has only fuelled my eagerness to get going with 2018.

Today I popped into the office with my eldest daughter to start getting things sorted ready for getting back to helping clients tomorrow. While there we recorded this short video to wish you a very Happy New Year and to encourage you to get started taking action on your goals so that this time next year you'll be looking back on a fantastic 2018 rather than wondering what happened to the year (and you can enjoy the moment where my soon-to-be ten year old decides to stick her tongue out!).

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So here it is Merry Christmas from Dan Regan Hypnotherapy:

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the Regan household with the decorations up, presents getting wrapped, Slade and Wizzard on the radio and two rather excited young girls!  Before we go any further let's settle about the best ever Christmas pop sings. The answers are Slade, Wizzard and Bony M. I'm glad to get that sorted.

Last Sunday I took the girls to see the fabulous Christmas tree at Ely Cathedral. It really is an impressive sight and looks amazing. And there was a light display that the kids loved playing around with to change the shape and the colour. We also made some progress on presents with one of my girls buying the other a present (but not vice versa yet!) - it really is incredible how long someone can spend deciding if they really, really want that 50p eraser as part of their presents. But we got there in the end!

And as well as having a wonderful year with my girls, it's also been a truly fantastic year for Dan Regan Hypnotherapy.

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How to stay in control over Christmas eating:

It's that time of year again when everyone buys enough food to last a month and over-eating becomes the flavour of the month! Or is it? 

Yesterday I was talking to a client who through our sessions has taken control over his eating, ditched unhealthy choices and ended binge eating. However, like many other people, he was a bit concerned that over the Christmas period this control would be put to the test and so he wanted a few quick and easy ways to help him enjoy the festive period but without impacting on his health and happiness. And that's exactly when I have for you here today.

Christmas can be a very testing time if you are someone who wants to be healthy and be in control over eating. There's almost an expectation that you should over-indulge in all sorts of food and drink or you won't be able to enjoy yourself. Of course that's nonsense, however, with sweets in the office and social events and alcohol, sweets and cake seemingly in every direction, it can be easy to overeat and then spend January wishing you hadn't!!

So here I've got 5 simple hacks to help you keep more in control over your eating if you want to enjoy the festive period yet not go too crazy!

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The top 10 blogs of 2017 from Dan Regan Hypnotherapy:

It's been another busy year here at Dan Regan Hypnotherapy and, as is often the case as we approach the end of 2017. It's a good time to look back on what has been achieved this year.

With over fifty website articles published this year, I thought you might like the opportunity to look back over some that have proved the most popular with visitors to my site. And while I'm about it can I just say a huge thank you to everyone who has read, liked and shared my posts and articles this year, I really appreciate your support.

So here we go, here are the top ten hypnotherapy articles of the year!

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Mindfulness - Being Mindful while playing in the snow!

We've had snow! It seems winter strikes even here in the tropics of East Anglia! On Sunday we had lots of lovely snow that poured down all through the morning and led to lots of fun in the snow with my kids.

Although actually, that Sunday was the first Sunday ever I had agreed to work with clients (usually Sunday is a no-go zone reserved for my family time). These two clients however were planning to travel quite a distance to work with me to quit smoking after being referred by a friend of theirs who had also been to see me to stop smoking. But the best laid plans can fall by the wayside once the snow arrives in the UK! Thirty minutes after leaving their house they had only made it two miles through the ungritted roads and so we had to postpone to another day.

On the plus side, I had the most awesome walk in the fresh snow on my way to my office! I love the freshness of the snow and how it transforms the landscape (even if it does tend to bring life to a standstill in the UK, unlike in the USA where the American football game between Buffalo and Indianapolis was played in a blizzard and the pitch could hardly even be seen!!).

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Quit Smoking Now with my Quit Smoking Hypnosis Programme:

There has never been a better time to quit smoking, especially if the cost of smoking is an important factor to you. Last month's UK Budget saw the price of cigarettes increase by 4.9% and tobacco increase by 5.9% (as reported in the Daily Mirror)

Of course, when it comes to your motivation to quit smoking, it may be that money is only part of the picture.

After all, health issues are normally way up that list of reasons to come and see me for quit smoking hypnosis. It may be noticing that you get out of breath more and more frequently or perhaps you or a loved one have had an illness scare that has tipped that balance to taking action. There are plenty of other reasons to quit smoking too, including the smell, worries about your kids copying your habit, the impact on your skin and the ever growing anti social nature of it that can mean you find yourself standing alone outside in all weather. 

Recently I've had a large influx of people coming to see me after other stop smoking hypnosis clients have referred them to me. 

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