Christmas can be one of the most enjoyable times of the year….and also one of the most stressful.

Against the ticking clock as the day approaches there are presents to find, buy and wrap. There’s the food to organise and prepare and at the same time you may be busy clearing that workload, managing the kids or just keeping on top of the other day to day things to get done. Alongside this you may have social activities and many other friends and relatives visiting and making demands upon your time and energy. So much to do! So much stress!

It’s no wonder that with all these pressures sometimes we can all feel the stress, worry and strain of Christmas.

So here are 5 ways to make sure you have a truly enjoyable and relaxing Christmas this year.


To combat Christmas stress so you feel calm and relaxed, follow these tips:


If we run around like headless chickens, lurching from one thing to another then we end up with our stress levels soaring. This is the time to be organised – make sure you know exactly what you need to get for who and where you need to be and when.  The clearer you are in your own mind the more in control you will be, making sure you get everything in place at your own pace and avoiding stress.

And make sure you claim some time for yourself – there’s no point getting to Christmas day feeling run down and frazzled so plan to do some things that make you feel good too.


Learn to say no to others if the demands will be too great upon you. You have to target your energy and wellbeing into the areas that are most important to you so you can get them done and enjoy the journey. The key is to prioritise and delegate. This may mean you miss a social thing or arrange another time so just accept that is fine (you have all of next year to arrange to spend time with those people!).

And know went enough is enough – there comes a point where you have to accept you’ve done all the socialising, shopping and planning that you can possibly do and it’s time to take some time to relax and actually enjoy the festive period.

merry christmas


It’s easy to indulge over Christmas so make sure you keep in control of what you are eating and drinking. Enjoy what you have more, by knowing you are having the right amount for you.

Keep in control of your alcohol intake and you will feel brighter, calmer and more refreshed. Drink fewer caffeinated drinks and you will feel calmer and less stressed (caffeine replicates our internal stress response).

It’s easy to sit around much more over the festive period so make sure you keep active . Exercise is the perfect tonic for stress so get out for walks or follow your usual exercise plan. Exercise lowers stress levels so you’ll feel even better.


With so much to do and so many others involved it can be easy to get wound up about the little things – even things you can’t do anything about. Learn to let go of things you have no control over and plan time when you can relax – whether it’s having a warm bath, reading a book, doing relaxing breathing or something else, you need to give your mind space to unwind and let go.


Remember you are doing all this because you want to enjoy a wonderful Christmas! Smile more, find time to laugh and congratulate yourself on how well you’ve done to get everything sorted. However big or small there are always things to feel grateful for and positive about so look for these and feel good!

Have a fun, relaxing and enjoyable Christmas!

Best wishes


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