Who’s in control – you or the food?

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Control Food Eating Habits Hypnotherapy


Who’s in control – you or the food? Hypnotherapy Ely and Newmarket

When they first come to see me, many of my Ely weight loss clients tell me that it feels like the food (whether it’s chocolate, crisps, cheese or something else) has all the control.

They only have to see it or, in some cases, think about it and soon they find that familiar craving taking over. It may have even become automatic – walk into the kitchen grab it and eat. Without pausing.


Taking control over weight loss

A recent client of mine, who we’ll call Sheila, came to see me after putting on two stone which she couldn’t shift.

She told me she knew she was eating too much, even overeating on things which made her feel ill afterwards. She even called her eating an ‘obsession’ – thinking about food all the time and using it to try and help handle the stress in her life.

But knowing that we don’t want to be doing things the way we are, and actually changing them, can be two very different things.

Weight Loss Success

Within just a few weight loss hypnotherapy sessions, Sheila had turned all those old habits around, had lost over half a stone and was even doing so well she said she didn’t need to come back and see me again!

All her old emotional/comfort eating had stopped; she enjoyed her food, made the right choices for her and felt healthier and happier

Being the type of person she is, she even tested herself to make sure she was fully in control over her eating – she walked down the sweet and biscuit aisles at the supermarket, went to social events and said no to cake and was able to just leave chocolate sitting there in the fridge. How’s that for being in control?!


How to Succeed with Weight Loss

To succeed with weight loss you’ve got to get your mind focused on how you want things to be – it’s not enough to just know that you should make some changes or what you should be doing.

When you harness that power of your mind you can soon take control over your eating – and easily enjoy the process of weight loss.

To your healthy mind and body,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach Ely & Newmarket


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