Weight loss mistakes you need to avoid

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Weight Loss Mistakes Hypnotherapy in Ely



Weight Loss Mistakes you need to avoid

As is common at this time of year, I’ve been working with increasing numbers of weight loss clients to help them make 2016 the year they become fit, healthy and happy.

And recently I was talking to Ely Personal Trainer, Kevin Hurley, about what makes some people more successful than others at losing weight and keeping it off, and how people often go wrong.

So to help you to start successfully ending your battle with weight loss, I’ve brought together some of Kevin’s top advice as a trainer, as well as my advice for how to get your mind in the right place.


Weight Loss Strands

There are two major strands for sustained and long lasting weight loss:

1) Moving your body more.

2) Using your mind effectively.

Now, number 2 is where I help people so you can take control over food and eating, rather than being controlled by it. You can end emotional eating, over-eating, binge eating and all those other behaviours and habits that seem to get in the way. You can also find the confidence, motivations and determination to get started and keep going.

And because our minds and bodies work together, there is a large overlap between the two areas, which means by taking simple steps you can start taking control over food and eating.



Weight Loss Success

It can feel overwhelming to make all the changes to actions and habits that you need to do for weight loss success so here are the top 5 things I suggest you add into your routine now:

1. Drink More Water – your body needs water to function. Carry a bottle and drink water throughout the day – you will feel more energised and you remove the risk of thinking you are hungry when you are actually dehydrated.

2. Stop Eating While Doing Something Else – if you don’t pay attention to what you are eating then you will make bad choices and over eat. It’s as simple as that. If you want to lose weight and be slimmer you simply have to start paying attention to what you are sticking in your mouth.

3. Eat Slower – if you eat too quickly you will eat more than you need, before your stomach even gets a chance to catch up with all that food to tell your brain you are full. Slow down and give your body a chance to signal you’ve had enough.

4. Move More – you’ve heard all that stuff about taking the stairs, parking your car further away and so on. So start moving more – take a few more steps, walk to speak to that person, go for a ten minute walk at lunchtime. The more you move the better you will feel and the healthier you will be.

5. Take Action – however much you know about weight loss and health, however motivated you tell yourself you are, however sure that this time you will stick at it, if you don’t take action and make small, consistent changes then you are kidding yourself. If you carry on promising to start next Monday, or pretending you don’t have time as you eat that fast food, or wishing for a miracle, then you will keep those extra pounds. Own it, stick with it and take ownership.

And you can get more ideas for positive change in this guide from Kevin Hurley Fitness: pdf20_Mistakes_You_Probably_Made_In_2015_1.pdf

To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

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