Overcoming Emotional Eating – New Weight Loss Video Testimonial

Weight Loss

Overcoming Emotional Eating – New Weight Loss Video Testimonial

Earlier this month, I recorded this new video hypnotherapy testimonial with a lovely lady who sought my help to change her relationship with food.

Interestingly, the testimonial was recorded around the same time that Public Health England reported on progress towards their target to reduce our sugar intake and their challenge to manufacturers and the like to cut 20% of sugar in a range of foods by 2020. One year after being set the target, retailers and manufacturers had achieved a 2% reduction in both average sugar content and calories in products likely to be consumed in one go.

Of course, sugary foods are often those that we turn to when we emotionally eat. The sugar fix calms our stress, anxiety and worry for a bit but then we may find ourselves repeating the same pattern of using food to feel better over and over. And that can have a huge impact on our health and waist line.

The other week my kids were eating a (not to be named brand!) chocolate and hazelnut spread and challenged me to try a bit. Because I want to encourage them to try different foods to decide whether they like them (rather than deciding they don’t like it in advance of ever trying it!), I had a bit. I’ll be honest: it was lush. Later on that day I saw I saw the jar in the kitchen, and suddenly deciding I was hungry and needed an energy boost, I had a bit more. “It’s alright,” I told myself, because I need the energy for exercising. Over the next few days I found myself thinking about eating it, even looking forward to it. I started to get little cravings for it that grew and grew if they weren’t satisfied.

Now luckily I spotted what was happening and decided that nothing should have that much of a hold over me and stopped my unnecessary consumption in its tracks. But I think it shows how sugar and fat filled foods can quickly take a hold and start to escalate the unneeded calories we consume. Add in an emotional element like stress or anxiety or feeling rubbish about ourselves and that hold and that emotional eating pattern can take on a force that can be hard to resist.

Anyway, back to what Laura had to say in her video review of our sessions together…


Breaking Emotional Eating and Losing Weight

In the video, Laura describes how she had always struggled with emotional eating and an unhealthy relationship with food. Following her sessions she now has taken back control over eating habits, ended emotional eating and changed her entire relationship with food. Laura also describes how she now has the self belief she needs to successfully continue on her weight loss journey. Check out her video here:


emotional eating weight loss hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

 Watch on You Tube


Pretty awesome life changing stuff, eh?

I’m always delighted to hear my client’s success stories and to learn how well they are doing, both whilst we work together and long into the future.

Personally this testimonial marks a little milestone for me in that it’s the 200th testimonial I’ve received from happy customers. So it’s a huge grateful thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share their feedback to inspire others to take steps towards achieving their goals (and, of course, thanks to the hundreds of others who have worked with me and successfully achieved their goals even if they didn’t want to share their feedback). Here’s to the next 200 testimonials and many more hundreds of people helped!

To your success,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy Ely, Newmarket, Online


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