Shifting The Weight – Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

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Shifting The Weight – Weight Loss Hypnotherapy

Life isn’t fair when it comes to weight – it’s amazingly easy to pile on the pounds but seems much harder trying to shift them again.

As a teenager I was massively overweight. And I was massively unhappy about it. But I loved crisps and cola and sweets and anything else like it. Why eat vegetables and fruit when you can eat crisps?! I also hated exercise – quite frankly when you are an overweight kid, exercise is not fun and is not encouraged.


Weight Loss 

How did I shift the weight? I went into extreme exercise mode and (in the privacy of indoors) did 10 miles on an exercise bike most nights. When I felt a bit better about myself I went out and played football every night. As I grew older I started to enjoy running – but that’s another story.

Now it seems to me that if I suggest to people that they cycle 10 miles a night for weight loss they may do it for a day or a few days, maybe even a few weeks, but it isn’t going to last and it isn’t going to get to the root of their eating and exercise habits.


Weight Loss Hypnotherapy ely

Ending Binge Eating 

So when Susan came to see me about hypnotherapy, hypnosis & NLP for weight loss, I wanted to know what the problem specifically was. She told me that since she could remember she had been unable to pick up a packet of sweets without consuming the lot. There was no eating one or two and putting the rest back and no stopping when she’d had enough. Instead it had turned into a craving that wasn’t satisfied until the packet was empty.

It’s fair to say that we were both pleased at how easy it was to see off the craving so that voice in her head no longer had control. She could see herself putting the packet back and enjoying what she was eating. And combined with a healthy eating plan and moderate activity, the weight dropped off.

As Susan put it: “I used to binge eat lots (having had an eating disorder for a few years throughout my teens and early 20s) and had no control over what I ate. The processes Dan used changed that – I was actually able to open a bag of sweets and just eat one or two, and put the bag back into the cupboard, without eating the whole pack and hating myself. He also helped me set a goal for the future in terms of weight loss which really motivated and energised me and I have been able to stick to my healthy eating plan without considering it a chore.”

Yes healthy eating is important (with those treats built in) and so is exercise. But if that was the solution then no one would ever need to sign up to a diet or buy a dieting book (and there wouldn’t be thousands of them on sale).


Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals 

What’s stopping you achieving your weight loss goals? Isn’t it time you overcame the things that hold you back? Imagine the healthy, happy you having achieved the weight you want.

And when you’re ready to take action, contact me on 01353 886158 and ask to book your free consultation.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach

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