Are you sabotaging your weight loss dreams?

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Are you sabotaging your weight loss dreams?

How often have you vowed to lose weight only to find yourself back in those old unhealthy ways of living?

Maybe you promised yourself that this time would be different – no matter what, you’d stick to your plan, shift that weight and keep it off for good.

Yet somewhere along the line, things start going back to those old ways – it may be a slow, almost unnoticeable slide, or life may throw something at you and you run back to food to help you deal with it.

Does this resonate? I’ve seen this happen time and time again and I really feel for you if all that effort has left you squeezing into your clothes with nothing but frustration.

Are you sick of your boom-bust cycle of dieting? Fed up with those moments of guilt after using food to make you feel better? Had enough of failing at weight loss?

Maybe you don’t even know how or why you end up sabotaging your weight loss. It’s all too common to find that the part of us that wants to eat that cake or crisps or cheese just seems so much stronger that the part of us that screams to look after your health.

But here’s the key thing:


Yep you read that right – weight loss is easy….when you do it the right way.

(My clients are always telling me they can’t believe how good they feel and how easy they found it to take back control over their health)

  • Your body is designed to work perfectly and to be your natural weight – it’s your thinking that gets in the way!
  • Your body doesn’t know that you are eating more to make you feel better because you had a rubbish day at work or the kids are playing up.
  • Your body doesn’t know that you’ve decided to eat now because you might be hungry later.
  • Your body doesn’t know that you are cutting back because your diet says so.

And it certainly doesn’t know that you are only eating more because it’s a birthday, or Christmas, or Easter, or you are on holiday, or…

When your body adds, loses or maintains your weight it is working perfectly.

So isn’t it time you started working with your body instead of fighting it?

  1. Ditch the diet – anything that tells you what you can/can’t eat, has good days and bad days or wants to tell your body what to do is doomed to fail (whether it’s sooner or later).
  2. Eat when you are hungry. If you aren’t hungry why are you eating anyway?
  3. Drink more water – your thirst signals and hunger signals are so similar you can’t tell the difference (I would estimate at least 80% of my clients aren’t drinking anywhere near enough water).
  4. Move more than you currently do. You don’t need to run a marathon or get up at 5am to workout – start by moving more than you currently do and make it just a part of your daily life.

Get the right mindset. Learn to be ok with yourself as you are now even as you lose weight. Enjoy those moments when you take control and say no thanks. Shift your focus from weight loss to health and happiness.

But is there a little more to it?


Is there a part of you sabotaging your weight loss dreams? 

Maybe your anxiety or depression stop you breaking that link with emotional eating. I’ve helped countless people who, no matter what their good intentions, have a barrier remaining that will always trip them up, such as:

  • Something happened when you were thinner and there’s a niggling worry it could happen again.
  • Will you be taken seriously when you look that good?
  • Can you cope with the attention?
  • Are you just going to fail again and feel even worse?

But if you need help to overcome those obstacles that leave you flat on your face time and time again, just give me a call and find out how to get your mind and body working together.

Just like my other clients, you too could soon be wondering how weight loss can be so easy.

To your health and happiness!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach


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