Quit Smoking Tips: End The Effects of Smoking

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Quit Smoking Tips: End The Effects of Smoking

Are you tired of the effects of smoking? Fed up of having your life dictated by cigarettes?

You’ve probably been fed the line that smoking is an addiction for years, yet that can’t quite explain how some people are able to give up overnight just like that. And nearly everyone knows someone who went from being chained to the effects of smoking and puffing like a steam train and then who quit smoking seemingly effortlessly overnight.

Whilst there is certainly a physical aspect to smoking from that nicotine, far stronger in stopping you in your efforts to quit smoking are the psychological habits and associations.

To start you on your way to breaking free, I’ve included some quit smoking tips below.


Ending The Effects of Smoking Success

Before I get into the quit smoking tips, I wanted to share this inspirational update from Alice who quit smoking with my help this year:


Watch on YouTube 


And you may have already seen this earlier video where Glenn describes how he quit smoking with my help: Watch on YouTube


Quit Smoking Tips

To start breaking free from the impacts of smoking, follow these quit smoking tips:

1) Set a date to quit smoking 

If you wait until it feels right or everything else is sorted then those nicotine gremlins will make sure that you never quit smoking at all. It will always be something you plan to do.

That said, if you are going through a turbulent, stressful or intensely emotional time which means you can’t focus all your efforts on quitting, then now may not be the time.

When you are ready to quit smoking, set a date and follow the steps below.


2) Know The Smoking Beast

In the week before you quit smoking, keep a diary of every cigarette you have. Make a note of when you smoke, where and who you are with. As well as noticing the usual smoking environment in which you have been smoking, note any other triggers such as stress, boredom, other smokers, after a drink etc.

Every smoker has periods where they don’t smoke (even if it’s because they aren’t allowed to) and even if it’s only while you sleep.

Knowing the key times and triggers arms you to plan for success.

And as an aside, most smokers are surprised at how small a portion of their day is actually spent smoking when they add it up. Even if you have been smoking 20 a day and each takes about 3 minutes, that’s only an hour of your day that you need to tackle to stop the effects of smoking stealing your health and well-being.


quit smoking tips hypnotherapy in ely newmarket


3) Pay Attention When You Smoke

In the lead up to your quit date, start paying attention to your smoking. Most smokers run on auto pilot; they are busy thinking or doing something else while they smoke. So start interrupting that pattern. Pay attention to each and every cigarette you smoke, and when you smoke, do nothing else but pay attention. Notice how you hold it, the feel of it in your hand, how it looks in your hand, the sensation of the cigarette on your lips, the smell, the taste, the sensation of the smoke in your throat, how you feel inside as you smoke, etc.

Really start to think about the effects of smoking and whether you want to be stuck with it until your dying breathe. Which leads to:


4) Your Quit Smoking Motivation

Be clear in your mind that no one is going to make you stop smoking – you are going to have to own it and take responsibility for making it happen. So why do you want to quit smoking?

Write down all your reasons, making sure you cover the negative reasons (impact on your health, skin, teeth, sick of the smell, fed up of having to go outside, etc) and the positive reasons (your skin will look better, you will see your family grow up, you will be able to exercise, you want to be in control and free, etc). Keep this list with you everyday and add to it and consider it thoroughly every day.


5) Start Changing Patterns

Smoking works on patterns – if every time you’ve had a coffee you smoked, after a while just having a coffee would spark that urge to light up.

Using your quit smoking diary and the things you have noticed from paying attention, start actively changing how you do things. For example, if you usually smoke on the walk to work, go a different route. If you usually smoke with a coffee, change to tea for a few weeks instead. Making small, consistent changes means your mind can’t just run old habits on auto pilot.


quit smoking tips end effects of smoking


6) Train your Mind To Be Free of Smoking

Start training your mind to be free of the habits and associations of smoking. Download my free hypnosis audio and while you listen and feel calm and in control, start imagining going into everyday situations in your life totally free of smoking, feeling healthy and happy, and looking and feeling good. Keep programming your mind for how you do want to act and react as someone who used to smoke but no longer does.


Quit Smoking Tips & Help

There are many other quit smoking tips that will help you break free from the effects of smoking, in the same way that they have helped Alice, Glenn and hundreds of other people. So if you would like a chat about how you can soon become a non-smoker, just call 01353 669941 and ask to book your free consultation.

To your success,

Dan Regan

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