Quit Smoking and Stop Being a Social Smoker

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Quit Smoking and Stop Being a Social Smoker – Hypnotherapy in Ely

With Stoptober upon us once again, thousands of people will be attempting once again to successfully quit smoking. And, knowing the detrimental impact of cigarettes, I applaud each and every person attempting to take back control over their life and end their habit.

As part of all the advertising, there is a huge push towards stop smoking medication, patches and, more recently, e-cigarettes. Yet there is often much less emphasis on the mindset and habit aspects, aside from suggesting replacing one nicotine habit with another or telling everyone about your attempt and asking for their support.

It was a little disappointing that the NHS should have decided to push e-cigarettes as the answer to all smoking ills. After all, whilst they are considered to be a better option that cigarettes, they still leave you at the mercy of nicotine and the habits that go with it (and that’s even if we overlook that no one is quite sure what the long term health impacts of e-cigarettes may be).

Surely it would be far more beneficial to teach people how to end their smoking and nicotine habit completely?


Stopping Being A Social Smoker

I can remember being sat in a dark and loud nightclub in Cardiff in my early twenties. I’d recently started my first proper job and all the great people I worked with where there and I can recall it being a great night. After a few drinks, I recall become more and more aware that everyone around me was smoking and it was just part of the overall great atmosphere that we were all laughing and drinking and having a good time.

Now, having watched my Dad smoking and even though I’d always been disgusted by the smoke infested smell of my clothes after a night out, for some reason it seemed like a good thing to join in and so I smoked my first cigarette. I assume I must have thought it was ok because I had a few more that night and thought nothing of it.

About a month later, we were all out again and once again I’d had a few drinks and all my mates were smoking so I had a few more cigarettes. That was the last time I smoked. I woke up the next morning with a stinking hangover, feeling ill and with the sensation that all that smoke was rising out of my lungs and into my mouth. It wasn’t pleasant. I felt like a dragon whose fire had just been soaked and all that was left was the smoke.

It was so unpleasant that I never so much looked at one again.

Yet it starts to show how habit forming smoking can be. Most smokers will smoke in the same type of situations, whether that’s the same places, or with the same people or in response to the same emotions (stressed, bored, happy, sad etc).

Recently I worked with Laura who was a social smoker and would usually only smoke when she was out socially with friends. And if you want to appreciate the psychological aspect of breaking the smoking habit then have a listen to what she said a few weeks after our session together:


social smoking habit ended hypnotherapy in Ely testimonial


If you want a successful Stoptober (or to quit smoking at any other time to be honest) then you might like to get my free ‘Kick The Habit’ guide as a good place to start taking back control and taking effective steps towards your smoke free life. Just imagine how good it will be when your life isn’t controlled by smoking anymore and you are free from that old habit and everything that went with it. And if you need any help to stop being a social smoker then just let me know!

To your stop smoking success!

Dan Regan 

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

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