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Hypnotherapy for Vaping


Hypnotherapy For Vaping

Vaping has enjoyed a boom in recent years. It has been recommended as a better alternative to smoking cigarettes, is easily obtainable and comes in a wide variety of strengths and flavours. More than that, it is not regarded as negatively as cigarettes and you can vape in far more places, circumstances and situations than you can smoke.

However, it’s possible that there are now signs that attitudes are changing and that vaping is going down a path where it is regarded less and less favourably. Disposable vapes are being banned, more people are getting fed up of being controlled by their vaping habit and there are growing concerns over the largely vague and still unknown long term health impacts. Vaping may be considered less bad than cigarettes yet that doesn’t mean there are no risks or health costs involved.

There are many overlaps between smoking cigarettes and vaping. Both involve a sense of habit where you smoke or vape in the same sort of places and situations each time. Your habits and nicotine fix gets linked to these environments and you find yourself doing the same old thing in the same old way. Nicotine has an impact yet more often it is the psychological habitual expectations and factors that lead you to reach for your vape (which explains why you can still feel a need to vape even when it is nicotine free). There are potential health impacts, a financial cost, an ongoing need to vape and that knowledge that you are not the master of your own behaviours. Your vaping habit still controls you.

Yet, as with quitting smoking, hypnotherapy for vaping can help you to take back control so that you don’t need your vape in order to get through the day.


Hypnotherapy For Vaping

Hypnotherapy has a strong record with helping you to end unwanted habits. Whether it is smoking, excessive drinking, over eating, nail biting or something else, it is possible to make positive changes. And so it makes good sense that hypnotherapy for vaping can help you too.

As with smoking we need to look at exactly what you are doing with your vaping. We want to know when you vape, where you vape and who you may vape with. As with any habit, many of these things will just repeat each day and week. You need to decide whether you actually enjoy any aspect of vaping and what you actually think you are getting from it, or maybe it’s just a useless repetitive habit. Before you decide to quit vaping you need to be clear about your reasons and motivations for wanting to be rid of it.

The main difference between smoking and vaping, however, is that there can be many more situations where you vape than you could have smoked. I’ve worked with many people who used to smoke and would never dream of, or even consider, smoking in doors, in their car or in front of the kids. Yet, they may happily vape away in these situations. Sometimes they are even getting more nicotine from vaping (due to their increased usage) than they ever did from smoking.

On the flip side, because you can get different nicotine strengths with vaping, it may be easier to wean your intake down and reduce your reliance on the nicotine aspect of your habit. Although what is it with those vapes that give off more clouds and clouds of dense smoke than you’d get from a sugar beet factory. Regardless of the nicotine, vaping can form even more of a habit than smoking if you are using it more frequently and it is associated with more places and environments.

In fact, it’s acceptability and convenience may just contribute to you being more and more fed up and frustrated that you keep reaching for the vape. You know it probably isn’t good for you, you know you actually get very little from it, yet still if you try and quit on your own, the result of all those nagging thoughts and feelings you get are that you end up vaping again.

Having done a little bit of initial awareness and mindfulness about your habit, it becomes easier to identify where to start making the simple changes that can alter your habitual patterns. You can develop strategies to support your goal of quitting your vaping. You can change things, delay them, do them differently or a host of other things where you start to dictate your own behaviours. Alongside that, hypnotherapy can help you to make the psychological changes that will work with your actions so that you can successfully quit your vaping habit.

To your health and happiness,

Dan Regan

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