Sick of your Emetophobia? Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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emetophobia hypnotherapy in ely and newmarket


Sick of your Emetophobia? Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Emetophobia (fear of vomiting) can be a particularly debilitating form of anxiety and fear. After all, in theory there is the possibility that you or someone around you could become unwell and be sick at any moment. That possibility that anyone can vomit, and the uncertainty around what if it happens, drives the anxious thoughts and feelings that can easily start to control your life.

Emetophobia is a fear of vomiting or feeling sick, seeing or being near vomit, or watching someone else be physically sick. With many people I’ve helped with this, even the mention of the words ‘sick’ or ‘vomit’ can be enough to trigger a sense of rising anxiety.

As with all forms of anxiety and fear, avoidance or seeking to try and take control over things, tends to dominate. You may avoid alcohol or being around lots of people drinking as there is an increased possibility of someone being sick. You may struggle with travel, especially with boats, trains and planes where you are trapped and, again, where there is an increased possibility of someone being unwell. And most likely, things like fairground rides or anything that can cause that sick feeling in your stomach will be well off your fun things to do list.

Yet the fear and anxiety goes beyond just the problematic nature of avoiding these situations. Recently I worked with someone who would avoid any foods that they had eaten before a time they were sick before (even if the food wasn’t responsible for the vomiting), and who would also feel anxious if someone around them was eating that food. You may scan people as you go through your day for signs of them potentially being unwell, and you may be anxious if someone coughs of hiccups too much. I’ve also worked with people who struggle to go into certain rooms at home that they associate with them, or someone else, being sick on a previous occasion.

If you know someone has been unwell recently, even if they are now better, you might try and keep your distance from them. If there is a sickness bug going around, you can be on edge and fearful.  And if you feel sick or someone close to you says that they feel sick, or in the worst case, you or they actually vomit, it can lead to uncontrollable panic.

Emetophobia limits your life and can lead to a roller coaster or anxious thoughts and emotions that impact upon your well-being, sleep, appetite, social life, relationships and ability to get on and do the things you need or want to do.

Now, of course, no-one wants to be unwell and vomit, and for most of us, occasions of being sick or around someone who is sick, are limited. Yet the anxious brain struggles to distinguish between the possibility of it happening and the probability of it happening. On top of that, your anxiety and fear will mean you doubt your ability to handle things confidently and capably should something arise.

At sometime or other you will feel a little off in your stomach, or become aware of a bug going around or have a close friend or someone in your house become unwell. Vomiting is a normal human reaction that we are all designed to do when physically needed. And no matter how much you try and avoid and control, other people will use the word sick, there will be programmes on TV that include it and, in the normal human way that we talk about things, someone will always have a sickness story to share.

Emetophobia anxiety leads you into trying to control what you can’t control, and seeking certainty over uncertain things. No wonder you feel anxious, stressed and worried.

As it is a such a more common anxiety problem than many are aware (and often it is well hidden if you struggle with it), I’ve covered emetophobia in a couple of previous articles:

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One of my most recent reviews concerns overcoming emetophobia, and this is what Mike had to say after his son came to see me:


emetophobia review dan regan hypnotherapy in ely


I found Dan listed on the Hypnotherapy Directory after my 11 year old son suddenly developed severe emetophobia that was affecting his appetite, schooling and sleeping. The initial consultation was free and after just a few sessions Dan was able to quickly determine several self help techniques that my son uses to overcome his anxiety and he is now pretty much back to normal. Thanks Dan, for doing a brilliant job,” Mike.


And you can find several more equally positive reviews over in my What People Say section. Anyone who comes to me struggling with the burden of emetophobia will describe the sense of freedom and the vast positive difference to their life when that cloud has been lifted.

No-one wants to be sick or to start vomiting yet, whilst you can look after your health as best as possible, it isn’t something you can control or forever successfully avoid. At some point someone will say they feel sick (even if they don’t vomit), you will see some on the kerbside when out and about, or at some point will be around someone who has been off with a bug. No matter how hard you try, at some point in your life you will feel a bit sick, possibly vomit, or just need to go into a situation you usually avoid due to your anxiety about being sick or being around sick.

Rather than being controlled by emetophobia, it far more liberating to learn how to take control over your own thoughts and feelings, just like Mike’s son and the many others I have helped with this. When nothing is going on and no one is being sick, you want to be feel calmly and happily able to get on with your life. And should something arise, rather than ‘abandon’ someone who is unwell or have to flee and hide in a state of panic, you want to know that you can calmly and capably handle, deal and cope with things in the best way possible.

If you are sick of your emetophobia then do get in touch for a free initial consultation to talk about how you, too, can learn to be free of that fear.


To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

Award Winning Anxiety Hypnotherapist in Ely & Newmarket


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