Overcoming a Food Related Fear and Phobia

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Overcoming a Food Related Fear and Phobia – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Thoughts and feelings around food can cause all sorts of issues and problems that people come to me for help with.

For example, for some people their anxiety / social anxiety is so overwhelming that they struggle to eat in front of others. The anxiety and stress makes their mouth go dry, their throat feel like it’s closed up so they can’t swallow and their stomach is in knots. It can easily cause all sorts of problems in areas of their life such as socially and in relationships.

I’ve also worked with people who struggle to eat certain foods, often fruit and vegetables, and can get panicky when thinking about or trying to eat these. Some people struggle with the sounds of eating and the anxiety, anger and stress of chewing and swallowing noises may mean they have to eat alone. And there are also those who are so worried about being sick and vomiting that they avoid certain foods or, at the peak of the panic, may struggle to eat very much at all.

Recently I worked with someone who would get panicky and anxious around even the thought of seeds and nuts, let alone being near them or eating them (like she used to).

Once you can’t eat something, you can suddenly realise how much of it there is around you. For example, my wife can’t have anything citrus which seems like it might be fairly straightforward (just avoid oranges and lemons etc.). And then you discover just how many products use citrus as one of the ingredients, even where you may not expect it. Luckily for me the only things I need to watch out for are meat (because I’m a vegetarian) and sweets (because I decided to stop eating them about thirty years ago).

And with Easter having just passed by, the main thing that seems to be occupying the kids was which chocolate egg to eat first! Which is why on Easter Sunday we got them out and about to burn some off (bless ’em!).


anxiety fear phobia hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket


Anxiety Eating Seeds and Nuts 

When Natasha first came to see me she described how, following a panic attack a couple of years previously, she had developed a fear or phobia about seeds and nuts. She would avoid eating them or anything that contained them, even thought she had always liked eating them. Even thinking about eating seeds or nuts would make her anxious and she couldn’t be around others who were eating them either.

As is often the way with fears and phobias, at some point where we are panicky or very anxious, our minds link it to something and mis-learn that it means danger. Sometimes the thing we end up being anxious and fearful about has nothing to do with what was going on at the time (for example, I’ve helped many people with driving anxiety who were capable and confident drivers yet the stress and anxiety from other parts of their life hits when they are behind the wheel and they struggle to drive from then on).

Once our minds learn to ‘tag’ something as dangerous, you can find yourself suddenly experiencing panic and anxiety around that thing. Your mind responds to that perceived danger and your entire being gets ready to run. Your breathing rate increases, your heart starts racing, adrenaline flows through you and you may feel hot and sweaty.

Now when faced with a real danger, this mechanism is a wonderful thing. In no time at all you are ready to fight or escape. Yet logically Natasha knew that seeds and nuts didn’t cause any harm to her (or her baby as she was heavily pregnant when we worked together). She knew she wasn’t allergic to them and that when she had eaten them in the past she was fine. But of course phobias and fears aren’t always very logical things – that panic is there for a purpose (to protect you and keep you safe) and we are designed to act now rather than having a good rational think (because when faced with a real threat that could harm you it isn’t wise to spend too long having a good think about what to do!).

Following her sessions Natasha is now back calmly eating seeds and nuts and things that contain them. And she very kindly agreed to put her experience of hypnotherapy into a video testimonial.

Click on this image to hear what Natasha had to say after her hypnotherapy sessions for her food related fear:


food related fear hypnotherapy  - anxiety eating seeds nuts testimonial Watch on You Tube


Awesome stuff! Got to love it when a client no longer battles with unwanted anxiety, panic and fear (there are more inspiring stories here too: What People Say). A huge thank you to Natasha for sharing her feedback about her hypnotherapy sessions (and best wishes for becoming a mum!).

And if you are currently struggling with anxiety, fear or a phobia, whether food related or otherwise, then do be sure to contact me and arrange to book your complimentary discovery session and find out how you can free yourself of the fear.

To your success,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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