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Overcome Your Fear of Flying – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

With your fear of flying, thoughts of holidays can seem more like nightmares – unless you can get there by car. You may have used many excuses to explain why you haven’t been places on holiday or to visit friends and relatives.

Some people with a fear of flying don’t even like to look at planes passing by overhead or see planes on TV.

Because with your fear of flying you’ll do just about anything you can to avoid getting on a plane, until one day you either can’t avoid it anymore and you need to fly or you decide enough is enough and you take that first step to overcoming your fear.


Trying To Get Through the Fear

Many people I work with have tried different approaches to overcoming their fear of flying (if getting out of it or praying for a cancelled flight haven’t worked). You may have tried medication, over the counter remedies, self-help, alcohol and any number of ways to unsuccessfully keep out the fear.

Because once that flight is booked, no matter how long until your flight, anxiety and panic levels immediately start to rise. Thoughts may turn to flying, you notice more flying related things and friends and family just haven’t got enough stories about horror journeys to share!

You may find your waking (and sometimes sleeping) thoughts regularly turn to thoughts such as the plane falling out of the air, and there you are with just seconds until impact!

You may worry about turbulence, terrorists, human error, engine failure or any other sort of disaster. You may think about past flights and how terrible they were and how bad you felt. You may even worry about worrying and how awful it would be to have a panic attack while trapped on a plane.

No wonder you feel stressed, anxious and panicky!

And the nearer the date of flying becomes, the more real it all seems and the worse you feel.


Overcoming Fear of Flying

What would it be like to be free of your fear of flying? How good would it be if you could just decide where in the world you wanted to go and then book it. Imagine looking forward to getting there and feeling calm and relaxed while you imagine what a great time you’ll have.

It may seem too much to think you could be free of your fear. And that’s exactly how Claire felt before we worked together. This is what she said after her holiday:

As promised, I wanted to let you know how I got on with my trip at the weekend. 

In a nutshell, it was great. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say that I love flying but that is largely down to the fact that it’s a quite boring, and not an ideal way to spend time with two young children! 

I was worried before the first flight that all my old anxieties would hit me and I’d have a massive panic attack but it never came. I was a little apprehensive, but nothing worse. Once we took off I actually calmed down more and I felt really quite relaxed during the flight. I barely thought about the return flight while we were away and managed to enjoy the last day of the holiday (something I can’t usually do) and I was even more relaxed on the plane on the way home. 

I am now looking forward to choosing our next holiday based on factors other than how easy it is to get to by car!

I have also noticed my general issues with anxiety are much improved. For example, while I was away we took a boat trip – in the past this would have made me nervous but I was able to enjoy the whole thing without worrying. 

I seem to be taking everything in my stride and worrying less about life in general and just enjoying it, which at the end of the day is what everyone wants surely!

You have really helped improve my life and I look forward to many happy adventures with my family, thanks to you.” Claire Harrison, Ely

And here’s what Alison said after her family holiday:

I saw Dan about my fear of flying which had been getting worse over the last ten years. Just the thought of my upcoming flight was filling me with panic and I didn’t want it (and the thought of the flight back) to ruin my holiday. 

Thanks to Dan’s help the flight was the best I have ever had! I even helped my partner to relax and we had taken off before he had realised! So thanks for the help. Have enjoyed a wonderful, relaxing holiday with my family.” Alison, Ely


Helping you overcome your fear of flying

To find out how you can end your fear of flying, contact me today to arrange your free initial consultation. Just call me on 01353 886158 or e-mail dan@danreganhypnotherapy.co.uk and soon you can be looking forward to how good it will feel to relax on your next flight.

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapist & Coach

Overcome Your Fear of Flying Hypnotherapy Ely, Newmarket, Cambridge, Skype


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