Fear of Flying Help and Support – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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Fear of Flying - Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Fear of Flying Help and Support – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

More and more people are discovering the fear of flying help and support available through hypnotherapy and from my individual, bespoke fear of flying course.

We’ve just completed yet another awesome fear of flying course, and the feedback is that this has certainly helped the person we worked with to take control over their own thoughts and feelings about flying. Our course, which is held at the simulator centre in Mildenhall, is designed to make sure that you come away with the knowledge and information you need about planes and flying. Fear thrives on uncertainty and so knowing what is happening and why on the plane starts to remove the scope for your imagination to make up terrible, unfounded, scenarios.

As well as gaining understanding about flying, you also get a bespoke hypnotherapy session and a whole range of strategies and techniques for taking back control over your own thoughts, feelings and behaviours when you fly. There’s then the chance to have a flight in the Boeing simulator (which uses some amazing technology) and to immerse yourself in the experience of flying.

If you’ve ever had questions about the sights and sounds on the plane, about what turbulence actually is and how it affects the aircraft, and you also want to be able to relax and feel more comfortable on your flight, then our fear of flying help and support may be just what you need.


About The Fear of Flying

Despite it being widely regarded as the safest mode of transport, it’s estimated that up to forty per cent of people experience some fear and anxiety around flying. Whilst some people have experienced a previous eventful flight, most people who could benefit from fear of flying help have either flown before with no adverse events, or have never flown before.

As well as the fear around flying itself, you may also have some fear and anxiety around heights, enclosed spaces, being in a crowd or around feeling trapped. And certainly you won’t like the sense you have that you are not in control and that you just have to endure the discomfort for the entire duration of the flight. You may even find that you get anxious just thinking about flying, let alone at the airport or when the doors close and the plane starts moving (that point where you know there is no turning back no matter how anxious you feel).

And if you have a general tendency towards anxiety, worry, overthinking or thinking the worst, then all of these can contribute to the nature of the thoughts that race through your mind and the uncomfortable feelings that flow through your body. No wonder you may interpret every changing sound of the plane and every vibration and movement during the flight as a signal of impending disaster. It can all feel like those minutes on the plane are going to be your last breathing moments on this planet before the plane you are in falls out of the sky. And so you stare at the cabin crew for signs of something being wrong, you find you can’t switch off or concentrate on anything else and you obsess about crashing and death (until you land safely, at which point you are probably exhausted from all the worry, anxiety and fear you’ve been through).

If any of this sounds at all familiar as part of your flying experience (or your avoiding flying at all costs experience), then you may well find that you can benefit from fear of flying hypnotherapy and our course to help you tackle these anxious thoughts and feelings.

Fear of flying course - hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Fear of Flying Help

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Fear of flying help and support - Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

Flight Anxiety Thoughts and Feelings

If you struggle with flying anxiety then you’ll already be very familiar with the three main kind of symptoms and responses. There are all the physical symptoms such as tension, shortness of breath, restlessness, heart palpitations, chest pain, an upset stomach, dizziness and a dry mouth. There are the unhelpful thinking patterns that cloud your judgement, stop you thinking clearly, lead to worrying the worst and that create negative expectations about the flight and how you will cope with it.

And then there is the classic anxiety behavioural response which involves trying to avoid flying. This may mean missing out on work opportunities or family holidays, and can even mean fleeing from the airport in a panic rather than getting on the plane. You may also have relied in the past on medications or alcohol to get you through the flight,  which may or may not have helped you, and which have their own side effects and impacts.

Most people who come to hypnotherapy or our fear of flying course have a simple belief in their minds that flying means anxiety and fear. Yet we know there is an extra element in this as not everyone has a fear of flying. Some people relax on the plane and some people positively enjoy the experience. That means there is an extra step that goes on inside of your own head made up of all of you thoughts, feelings, beliefs and expectations.

And that is a good thing because these are certainly things that you can learn to direct, influence and take control over (rather than feeling out of control and somehow wanting to take control by becoming the pilot of a plane in mid air!). You can learn how to take control over the things you can control, your own thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions when you fly.

Within my hypnotherapy sessions for fear of flying we start to create a more balanced expectation around flying and to prime your mind for flying more calmly and comfortably. And on top of that you learn ways that you can easily calm your own feelings, interrupt distorted worst case thinking, and feel more capable of going through your flying calmly, confidently and successfully.

Rather than being filled with dread and fear, you can learn how to fly whilst feeling more relaxed in your body and in your mind. You can relax on the flight, get on with something more enjoyable (like watching, listening or reading something) and be more focused on where you are going and what you’ll be doing there instead of being obsessed with overthinking things you don’t want to be imagining and creating within your previously anxious mind.

Happy flying!

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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