Fear of Deep Water and Fear of Swimming

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Fear of Deep Water and Swimming - Hypnotherapy in Ely


Fear of Deep Water and Fear of Swimming

Do you have a fear of deep water and a fear of swimming?

It may hold you back from learning how to swim, it may stop you going in swimming pools or in the deep water end of the swimming pool, and often people tell me it has an impact when on holiday when they can’t go near deep water.

Your fear of deep water/swimming probably means you won’t go beyond a level where your feet can touch the floor and you may stay close to the side of a swimming pool for fear of sinking. For some people, the fear can be so intense that they avoid going near the pool altogether.

And whilst for some people their fear of deep water means they panic about being out of their depth in a swimming pool, for others it can mean avoiding travel by boat, crossing some bridges or even flying over a large body of water.

So how can you overcome your fear of deep water/swimming?



Overcoming Fear of Deep Water

Matt came to see me to overcome his fear of deep water which he’d had since a child when he slipped in a swimming pool and panicked when he went under the water. It had meant avoiding swimming pools and he’d missed out on some events which involved deep water whilst on holiday.

Here’s what he said:


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A great result and now Matt has total freedom from his old fear of deep water so he can go swimming whenever he wants.

How To Overcome Fear of Deep Water 

If you want to end your fear of deep water, then start implementing these steps towards freedom from fear:

1)  Step by step, inch by inch

You don’t have to go straight into the deep end or swim in the middle of the ocean right away. Instead build up gradually.

Start by getting more and more used to, and comfortable with, being in the water. If you have access to a pool, just go a bit deeper each time and recognise your progress and success. You can stay near the side at first to know you are safe and then build it up so you get your face wet or dip your head under and so on.

Take your time and consistently and at your own pace move on to each next thing step by step and inch by inch.


fear of deep water swimming hypnotherapy in ely


2) Imagine you are in deeper water

Our minds can’t tell the difference between something we vividly imagine and something that is real. So start vividly imagining being in deeper water and feeling calm and in control. See yourself looking safe, calm, relaxed and at ease as you enter the water, as you go a bit deeper and as you successfully make progress.

This works well any time you feel calm and comfortable so you link that feeling to imagining being in deep water. And any time you are in water (e.g. having a bath), close your eyes, relax and imagine that you are in deeper water feeling calm and confident.


3) Enrol Support

If you are not yet a confident swimmer because you have avoided the water, consider enlisting the help of a swimming coach to help you build your swimming technique and confidence. A good swimming instructor will work with you  at your own pace, nudging you forwards yet staying supportive.


4) Control Your Breathing

When we feel anxious and fearful we start to breath quicker and shallower as our bodies get ready to take action. This can happen either when you are in the water or sometimes even at the thought of being in the water.

So undo this process by learning to calm your breathing effectively. You can do this by breathing in for a slow count of 7 and out for a slow count of 11. Practice doing this throughout your day and any time you think about or imagine going into deeper water. This starts to create a mental association between feelings of calmness and those thoughts.

Once you have practiced it you can also use it as you go step by step to the next level of depth.


fear of deep water ely


5) Programme Your Mind

As already mentioned, you need to focus your mind on what you do want to happen whilst feeling calm and comfortable. You can do this by using the 7/11 breathing, closing your eyes and imagining being calm and confident in deeper water, or you can use my free relaxation audio to help you feel a greater depth of calmness as you focus your mind.

Then, whilst feeling calm and at ease, start to imagine  watching yourself as if you were on a TV or movie screen. See yourself being around deeper water, getting into it looking calm, secure and confident. Maybe you think about the next step on your journey to being calm swimming and in the water, maybe you see yourself on holiday enjoying time with loved ones in the water or some other scenario that shows you looking relaxed and in control.

The more you do this, the more naturally calm and at ease you’re going to feel around deeper water and swimming.


Help To End Your Fear of Deep Water

If you would like help to end your fear of deep water and fear of swimming then get in touch today and ask to book a free initial consultation. And very soon, just like Matt, you can enjoy the freedom of going in the water whenever you want to.

To your success,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely, Newmarket, Skype


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