Time To Relax Hypnosis Download – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

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Time To Relax Hypnosis Download – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

I always enjoy heading into the recording studio and producing some quality hypnosis downloads for you to benefit from. As well as being an additional therapeutic tool for my clients to use to support their hypnotherapy sessions, I know many, many people have downloaded and enjoyed using my hypnosis downloads to support making positive changes in their lives.

Last year I was able to get into the studio on several occasions to record hypnosis downloads. This year has been a little more restricted due to issues such as covid and family illness and so on. So I was very happy to carve out some time to get back into the studio this week and do some more tracks. I also got to work with an awesome sound editor who told me a bit about the band he plays in and about his singing (we decided he should stick to singing and that I would, with my singing voice, stick to the hypnosis!).

And if you have been struggling with stress, worry and anxiety, then this hypnosis download may be just what your overthinking and tired brain needs right now.

relax hypnosis downloads - hypnotherapy in ely and newmarket


Relaxation Hypnosis 

Although we all know the importance of taking time out to relax, within our busy lives it can easily be one of those things that falls by the wayside. We stay busy doing things, watching things or mindlessly scrolling through our social media feeds. All the while, our brain is busy working and we wonder why we are feeling more and more tired.

Or, if you have been struggling with anxiety, worry, overthinking or stress, then you definitely need to start taking time off from all that thinking and all of those tense physical feelings. Anxiety, worry and overthinking can feel mentally and physically exhausting. You start to find it harder and harder to think clearly, reason through things and make decisions. And all the while that anxiety and stress level keeps increasing and growing towards breaking point.

Your brain is probably screaming out for some downtime and time off from all that thinking, catastrophising and overthinking. Like a computer with too many programmes running at once, everything gets slower, more cumbersome and performance levels drop off.

As you start to take time to relax for yourself, you’ll find yourself feeling better and that your mind and your thinking become more clear. You start to function better, gain perspective and feel more resilient to tackle any challenges you face.

And research has shown that by practising relaxation and getting better at it, you can reduce your anxiety and stress.  Although, of course, we should all be making effective relaxation a part of our regular habits to support good mental health and well-being.

Which brings me back to one of the reasons I headed into the recording studio recently. I’ve seen the positive benefits of taking time to relax with hypnosis on the results my clients achieve. Whether it is anxiety, worry, stress and overthinking, or any other issue where it will be helpful to think more clearly, make good decisions or manage emotions, relaxation is one of the most useful tools you can have in your armamentarium. So here is my Time To Relax Hypnosis Download


time to relax hypnosis download from dan regan hypnotherapy in ely


This hypnosis download will allow you to enjoy an hypnotic experience of calmness, focus and relaxation. Each time you listen you will find it easier to relax, you will get better at it and you will get more benefit from it. By listening to this Take Time To Relax Hypnosis Download Audio you can increase your sense of comfort, calmness and clarity, let go of tension and clear your mind and feel more in control so you can take more positive steps in your life.

So if you want to calm your mind and clear your mind, and enjoy a wonderful positive state of focus and relaxation, then do get your copy today.

Relaxation training and practice can help you to let go of unwanted thoughts and feelings and feel more capable of tackling problems and taking action on your goals. It’s a small slice of mental health positivity in your day that you will want to listen to again and again.

Happy relaxing!


To your health and happiness, 

Dan Regan

Anxiety Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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