Should you wait until you feel like it? My latest hypnotherapy vlog

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Should you wait until you feel like it? My latest hypnotherapy vlog

Yesterday morning my alarm went off at 5.30am, something that has become much more of a regular occurrence of late. That’s the time I need to get up to get ready if I’m going to get to bootcamp on time.  It’s one of my least favourite moments of the week and it’s repeated up to three times a week.

As I tentatively opened my eyes to the realisation that it was still pitch black outside, every part of my mind and body was whispering for me to stay under the warm duvet and give it a miss. It was cold out there!

If you asked me in those first minutes if I felt like getting up, getting ready and going out to exercise in the dark and cold, I can promise you that the answer would have been a very clear and very precise ‘no way!’

No matter how much I love and enjoy bootcamp, no part of me in that moment feels like running around, doing countless burpees and press ups or lifting some weights.  Yet I still get up and do it because I know how much better I will feel afterwards; I know the positive outcomes that await me.

And it’s true even when we look at issues such as anxiety.

Of course, getting up and out early can have it’s advantages too when you get to train under an amazing sky like this:


hypnotherapy in Ely

Only recently, I was talking to someone with anxiety. As soon as they felt anxious and low, they stopped doing the things that they knew would likely help them feel better. The exercise stopped, the healthy eating stopped, the self-care stopped. They didn’t feel like doing them so they didn’t. Unsurprisingly they found themselves feeling worse and worse as the days went by.

And we certainly know that when it comes to being motivated, exercising, eating healthily and so on, if we wait until we feel like making changes and being active then there’s a big chance we may never get around to it.

The very real risk becomes that, if we wait until we feel like doing something, we may find that we somehow never feel like it. And so we stop doing things or never even start. And in not doing the things that would make us feel better in ourselves, because we didn’t feel like it now, you can find that negative thoughts, feelings and emotions begin to grow (making it even harder to feel like it).

It’s exactly this subject that I’ve just recorded a new hypnotherapy vlog about. Click on the image to watch it here:


waiting until you feel like it hypnotherapy in ely (Or watch on You Tube)


So if we only ever wait until we ‘feel like it’ we can end up a bit stuck. After all, someone with anxiety may not feel like going for a walk or talking to a friend even though they may know it will help. Someone trying to lose weight may not feel like exercising or being bothered to eat healthily and may in fact actually feel like eating that unhealthy stuff in front of the TV. And someone trying to quit smoking may find they feel like puffing away in the same old habitual way on that cigarette.

If you feel low then that is often going to be the time that you don’t feel like doing anything, and particularly not that thing that you logically know could help. Yet that’s precisely the time you probably need to be doing it most.

When you just approach things with an ‘I do this’ mind-set and attitude then whether or not you feel like it becomes irrelevant. If you just do some exercise, or contact a friend, or be active using your self-care techniques and strategies, then the likelihood is that you will find yourself feeling better afterwards. The feelings you can listen to are those when you have made progress on your goals, or when you feel proud that you did it and when you find that you are enjoying the positive outcomes that come from just doing it.

And who knows, maybe one day I’ll feel even feel like jumping out of bed at 5.30am in the cold, dark winter – but until that time I plan to just keep doing it anyway.

To your success,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket


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