New Hypnosis Downloads – I’ve been back in the studio

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New Hypnosis Downloads – I’ve been back in the studio

I’ve been back into the recording studio and have some awesome new hypnosis downloads available that are being added to the ever-growing range over on my hypnosis download shop.

I get loads of wonderful positive feedback from people who use my audios for things like controlling anxiety and increasing confidence. Some people have kindly left their feedback for you to read over on the shop, although many, many more tell me in e-mails and in person how much they benefit from repeated listening. And do remember that you can grab a copy of my free rapid relaxation hypnosis download by just filling in your details here: Free Hypnosis Download (you have downloaded your copy, right?!).

Although I’ve been to the studio quite a few times now, it’s always a slightly surreal experience for me. I mean, it’s just like one of those studios you see that popstars use on TV, with the headphones and microphone on the performer and a sound engineer sitting behind a screen with some massive deck of switches and dials. And with Christmas just around the corner (sorry all you ‘not to be mentioned until December’ people!), I always have a slightly mischievous temptation to burst into song…although if you’ve heard me sing then you can guess that my ‘Classic Christmas Hits’ double CD wouldn’t be troubling Sir Cliff and that Buble fella for sales.

And if you ever want to get over that thing of not liking hearing a recording of your voice then this is one way to soon get over it. After listening to large parts of your own recordings out loud while the engineer cuts out all your (many!) mistakes, you’ll soon start to become indifferent to how different your voice sounds out loud compared to in your own head.


hypnosis downloads dan regan hypnotherapy ely

 No Christmas album this year…I know, Christmas is ruined!!

New Hypnosis Downloads

Whether or not you have listened to some of my other hypnosis downloads, I’m sure you will find a whole load of benefit in some of my latest releases…


Gaining Perspective Hypnosis Download – Out Now!

This audio will help you to gain a sense of clarity and perspective on aspects of your life. Sometimes we can get caught up in our life and the issues and challenges we face and lose the ability to see things clearly, to consider them in their proper place in the grand scheme of things and we ‘lose’ all of our usual ability to reason well and make good decisions. This audio can help you to view things with that perspective and to let go of the little stuff and focus on the things you can control that will make a difference to your life.


gaining perspective hypnosis download by Dan Regan Hypnotherapy Ely




Morning Meditation – Out Now!

How we start our day can have a huge impact on the kind of day we have. We may give the day ahead no thought and stumble from one thing to another, we may lose sight of our goal and what we want to get done and get lost in distractions, or you may dread the day, worry how you will cope and doubt yourself. Whether you are looking to have the confidence, self-belief and mind-set to make the most of the day or you want to be ready to handle any challenges you may be facing, this audio can help. In fact there are two audios, each with a different soundtrack for your day depending on whether you are seeking calmness and control or feeling uplifted and motivated and ready for whatever comes your way.


Morning Meditation hypnosis download by Dan Regan Hypnotherapy in Ely




Weight Loss Motivation Hypnosis Download – Out Now

You start with high hopes and a sense of determination that this time you will take control over your eating and weight and stick to it. Or maybe even though you know all those reasons why you want to be slimmer and healthier, you struggle to even really get started.

Using this audio will help you to develop a robust and powerful sense of focus and motivation to take consistent action towards achieving your weight loss goals. As you strengthen and enhance your motivation, you will find yourself making healthier decisions and feeling and being more and more in control over your health and happiness.


Weight loss motivation hypnosis download by Dan Regan Hypnotherapy in Ely




Weight Loss Mindset Hypnosis Download – Out Now

Sometimes when we want to lose weight what we need is the ability to consistently focus on taking action towards our goals. Keeping the size, shape and weight you wish to achieve in mind forms part of developing and enhancing your health and weight loss mind-set.

Losing focus is one of the key obstacles that can hinder your weight loss progress, so using this audio will help you to develop a robust and powerful sense of focus on your weight loss goals. As you strengthen and enhance this mind-set and attitude, you will find yourself making healthier decisions, taking positive action on your weight loss goals, being more in control over your eating choices and feeling better and better in your mind and in your body.


Weight loss mindset hypnosis download by Dan Regan Hypnotherapy in Ely




Control Your Eating Habits Hypnosis Download – Coming Soon! 

Sometimes the key focus around food is being in control over your eating habits in a way that supports you in making healthy choices. Rather than being led by old habits and associations around food, this audio will help you to develop a robust and powerful sense of control over your thoughts and feelings about food.

And as you take more and more control over your eating habits, you will find yourself thinking the thoughts, feeling the feelings and taking the actions that will help you to achieve the size, shape and weight that will please you. You will be able to make healthier choices and more positive decisions and you will enjoy a sense of being in control over food and of becoming healthier and happier each day.


Control eating habits hypnosis download by Dan Regan Hypnotherapy


Along with my existing hypnosis downloads for things like overcoming anxiety, increasing confidence, reducing stress and enhancing self-esteem, these audios can really help you with weight loss and control over eating habits, gaining a positive sense of perspective in your thinking and in your life, and getting the most out of each and every day. Please do take a look, have a listen and enjoy the benefits.

To your success,

Dan Regan

Hypnotherapy in Ely & Newmarket

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