Motivation and results – Come rain or shine!

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Motivation and results – Come rain or shine!

It’s been a lovely day here today yet earlier this week, just a few days ago, it was a very different story. Over the Easter bank holiday weekend the heavens seemed to open and the rain poured down. Lots of well made plans were waterlogged (including my trip to watch Ely City FC with my daughter and father in law).

And on Monday morning, which was a bank holiday here in the UK, my usual evening bootcamp was moved to eight in the morning. Whilst I only ate a small amount of chocolate over Easter, anyone who knows me knows I love that feeling after a hard work out – my mental health feels boosted and i know my physical health is benefiting too.

That Sunday night and into the early hours of Monday it absolutely poured down. The rain was so heavy that the noise of it on the windows woke me up two or three times during the night. When my alarm went off at 7 a.m. (cause yes it takes me an hour to wake up physically and mentally before I can exercise), there was a massive temptation to switch it off, roll over and go back to sleep. My bed was so warm and comfy and outside I knew it was wet and cold.

So what do you do? Stay in the warm and dry and enjoy the comfort, or push yourself out of bed and just get on with it?


Motivation and Results

It’s kind of like the decision making process we all often have to go through – do I take the comfortable (perhaps easier) option or do I find the persistence and motivation to get on with it. And humans can often be world class at finding reasons to procrastinate and delay, even if we know we would feel better for taking action and may regret not having done so later. But right now, in this instant, we find that comfort wins the day!

Very often it’s that kind of decision when trying to find the motivation to exercise – we know we will feel better for doing it but maybe we are too tired or hungry or it’s too wet or cold or hot or dry. So we put it off. Or it could be taking action to overcome anxiety. You know if you talk to that person or make that call or go into that shop or environment you will feel better once you’ve accomplished it, yet the worry and fear start to creep in and rather than taking action and creating momentum, you decide that today is not the right day and perhaps tomorrow would be better.

So anyway, I hauled myself out of my warm, comfortable bed and got my caffeine infused body to bootcamp in the rain. I recorded this short video afterwards (forgive my dishevelment; I was soaking wet and getting colder by the word!):


Motivation and results dan regan hypnotherapy.ely

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So here’s the thing: if you want to get the motivation to take action on your goals and to get the results that you want, then you need two key ingredients to make it happen. And it doesn’t matter whether that goal is exercising, losing weight, quitting smoking, overcoming anxiety, increasing confidence or anything else you want to achieve.

Firstly you need your ‘why?’; that is, why are you even doing this? Maybe you want to be fitter and healthier, maybe you want to be calmer and happier. Maybe you want to prove to yourself and others that you’ve got what it takes or maybe you are just fed up of frustration and failure. If these whys aren’t strong enough then you will likely struggle to stay motivated consistently. Write them down, make them strong, focus on them and review them at the start of every day.

Secondly, you need to focus on how good it will be when you’ve successfully done it. All too often we look ahead and think of everything we need to do or that could happen or could go wrong and the procrastination, fear and doubts start to grow. If you let them grow too big they will create a barrier that keeps you stuck. So instead focus on having taken that action and how good it will be achieving those results and outcomes, almost as if you are looking back on how it went so well.

Get these two things right and you will soon start building a sense of positive forward momentum. You will find yourself taking the actions and steps that will move you forward and you will enjoy the results of taking control of your life and achieving the outcomes you are looking for.

To your success and happiness,

Dan Regan

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