Misconceptions About Hypnosis

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Misconceptions About Hypnosis – Hypnotherapy in Ely and Newmarket

‘Look into my eyes, not around my yes, look into my eyes…’ as the Little Britain hypnotist character used to say. Obviously that’s a bit of comedy yet it seems many people (perhaps supported by films and TV) mistakenly do think of hypnosis as involving some kind of mysterious Svengali type thing going on. They think that hypnosis involves some sort of ‘mind control’ happening, with strange trance like effects, and worry about being controlled by some mysterious force wielded by an all powerful hypnotist (who presumably has spinning kaleidoscope eyes, a swinging watch and who uses a walking stick with one of those fossils in amber things at the top…).

Sadly these myths and misconceptions sometimes seem to hold sway more than scientific evidence and research, and I’ve even heard some of the nonsense spouted from the lips of those who should know better such as mental health ‘ambassadors’ and therapists who use some other types of therapeutic approaches.

Pretty much all of these misconceptions about hypnosis can probably be traced back to Mesmerism, which did indeed assert that any results were due to the power of the mesmerist invoking some sort of strange and powerful force of animal magnetism. Mesmerism was largely debunked way back at the time and indeed, hypnosis arose and was introduced in direct opposition and to correct the errors of Mesmerists (for more on the history check out Robertson’s The Practice of Cognitive-Behavioural Hypnotherapy).

All of the evidence and research shows us that hypnosis is a conscious and voluntary process that someone has to actively engage in (for example, have a read here: Hypnosis is Conscious and Voluntary).

I’ve talked more about the misconceptions around hypnosis in this short video (click on the image and have a watch):


Misconceptions about hypnosis hypnotherapy in Ely


So, rather than being ‘controlled’, hypnosis is about helping you to take control over your problems, like anxiety, panic and fear. Using your normal psychological processes in particular ways, such as your imagination, beliefs, self-talk, expectations and motivations, can help you to change your thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. And doing that means you really are in control of the kind of stuff going on inside of your mind.

Rather than being controlled, hypnosis helps you to learn how to take control. Rather than mind control, it’s about your taking back control over your mind. And rather than being at the behest of an all powerful hypnotist, in fact you are actively engaged and involved in achieving your own goals and maintaining the positive result.

To your success,

Dan Regan

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